Review Lucky Cloud Unscented Soap Bar and Terre Verdi ThéBianco Camellia Oil

Lucky Cloud Clean & Pure Unscented Natural Soap Bar

Long time readers will know that my quest for unscented, free from essential oil skincare products is never ending. I am always trying to seek out the best natural products for people like me that experience allergies. With that in mind let me introduce to you a couple of new items that I've been testing.

This is another company who I am very familiar with and have gifted their products to friends and family. I thought it was time to try out their soap bars so naturally I gravitated towards the Unscented one (fragranced versions are available). Lucky Cloud handcraft their soap bars in Edinburgh and package the product in recycled sustainably sourced kraft boxes and print with eco-friendly toners.

Not only does this Lucky Cloud soap look beautiful with it's swirled edge, neutral colour tone and brand stamp but it performs well. Soap bars aren't exactly the most thrilling of skincare products. What I am looking for is a bar that holds its shape, remains sold throughout use (aka doesn't go mushy) and most importantly doesn't dry out my skin. Lucky Cloud ticks all these boxes and for those reasons becomes an easy recommendation to everyone.
I've known Terre Verdi since 2015 and Alessandra, the founder, participated in an event I co-hosted in 2016. This is a luxurious brand that is certified by Soil Association COSMOS, vegan and cruelty free approved. When I selected ThéBianco Camellia Oil, I was drawn to it because it stands out from the crowd in terms of an ingredient that offers something a bit different. According to the product write up this ingredient has been.... 

"widely used in Japan for centuries, white tea oil was incorporated into the daily skin and hair routines of Japanese women due to its highly beneficial skin properties. This 100% certified organic superfood for skin is cold pressed from the seeds of the Camellia Oleifera flower, also used to make white tea."

Apparently this oil is suitable during pregnancy and can be used on babies and children so I knew it was going to be perfect for my delicate skin type. It's rich in fatty acids and vitamins and good for all (dry, mature, acne prone and oily skins). 

Terre Verdi ThéBianco Camellia Oil can be used across the body, face and hair. I would describe this oil as dry and by this I mean it disappears quickly without leaving a greasy feeling to your skin. It really is a beautiful ingredient which I enjoy using on my face and body. Personally the simplicity of using a stand alone ingredient has always been appealing due to my reactive skin type. I am comfortable applying to delicate and sensitive areas of my body.

Sarah x