Review Lavera Neutral Intensive Cream with Silver

Review Lavera Neutral Intensive Cream with Silver
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I've been using Lavera products on and off for probably around twenty years. It's a brand which is reliable and affordable. When it comes to my face and body in recent years I have been opting for creams. Oils are great but when my skin is irritated or on the brink of breaking out with eczema, I think it can respond better to lotions and creams.

Lavera has a Neutral range which is fragrance free for sensitive skin. You will have to check individual product labels if you are looking for Vegan skincare as not all are suitable. I chose the Lavera Neutral Micro Silver Intensive Cream, a body cream suitable for those with sensitive and allergy prone skin.

Even though this product is marketed for the body, I've ended up using as a daily face cream and in my opinion it's suitable for both functions. I'm not sure I'm qualified to comment on whether Silver is a crucial ingredient in your skincare but a quick google search will show you the supposed benefits for reducing inflammation and suitability for skin prone to eczema. It's an interesting ingredient which you may wish to explore further.

So here are my thoughts on the Lavera Neutral Micro Silver Intensive Cream. It has a nice balance on texture. I place it somewhere between not feeling too heavy but providing a good level of moisturisation on dry skin. It's an all round simple cream which comforts my skin and can be used under makeup. At under £20 for 75ml I consider that a reasonable price for a face cream but may not be seen this way if using as intended on the body. Lavera does have a Neutral Face Cream but it isn't suitable for Vegans due to beeswax. The next alternative would be the Neutral Facial Fluid but I would associate the word 'fluid' as having a lighter texture and therefore I wonder if it may suit my very dry skin. Perhaps in the future I will give this a try and report back.

Lavera is a German company. Despite an Austrian grandma and a GCSE in German it doesn't get me very far when trying to read the packaging. Beside the disappointment in myself it may be a problem for others. The front of the box is in English but there isn't an English translation elsewhere or on the tube. I can see how this cuts down on costs but it does present a challenge when understanding how the product should be used and explaining all the other wonderful benefits I'm sure they would like you to know about. You can seek out the information online but I don't recall this situation with other Lavera products so that's why it stands out to me on this occasion.

I think that Lavera Neutral Micro Silver Intensive Cream is worth your consideration if you have sensitive skin. Lavera is a huge brand with many products so even if you don't require fragrance free skincare you can easily find other suitable products. 

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Sarah x