Top 8 Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare for 2021

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Top 8 Natural, organic and vegan skincare for 2021
(includes items gifted by PR which have previously been featured on this website)

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I would have a look back at 2021 and let you know which products have made a lasting impression. 

I'd rarely used hand sanitiser before the pandemic because it can be very unkind to delicate, eczema prone skin due to the high alcohol content and fragrance allergens. Needs must over the past couple of years and I was grateful that one of my favourite budget brands launched a sanitising gel which was free from linalool. Since my initial review back in January you can guess we've been through several bottles of Organii Purifying Hand Gel.

In March it was Silvan Skincare Pure Face Cream that was a hit. I recall a lovely whipped texture with ingredients that are calming on sensitive skin. Finding a decent fragrance free moisturiser has been a mission for many years and this is up there with my favourites.

Since April I've been through several jars of Maison Meunier Skincare Gentle Cleansing Gel Balm. I like this cleanser because it's an balm-oil to milk formulation. It has a beautiful golden syrup like texture which feels great massaged into my delicate skin and can be easily removed with water or damp cloth.

Over the summer Lily & Rabbit added to their product range with a vegan soap bar collection. The Coconut soap has been a pleasure to use and the bar recently came to an end. I've been impressed with how well it lasted and of course how gentle it has been on my skin.

I'd always been a fan of Odylique Repair Lotion but it can back into my life in last year and has been here to stay. I use it top to toe including on my face. Despite the name it's not a watery, runny product and is very much a light but rich cream. I've been using it as a general moisturiser but it is perfect on itchy eczema patches.

I was on a huge cleanser kick in 2021 and the next product to win me over was Adaptology Red Avert Cleanser. I loved the beautiful and unusual blue colouration from Blue Tansy with an aroma that reminded me of candy. As I mentioned balm-oil textures are one of my favourites and this one did not disappoint. 

In November I wrote about Nudge Boutique Whipped Body Butter and it has been a joy to use. I've seen a lot of body butters over the years but this one stands out. Not only do I enjoy the coconut aroma but it rarely feels greasy on my skin. I've always had a sensory aversion to heavy products and I think it stems back to years of eczema emollients. It is probably a odd thing to mention but my skin doesn't feel overwhelmed or suffocated by this product.

I rounded off the year with a review of Terre Verdi Th├ęBianco Camellia Oil. I think it beautifully sums up my love of simplicity. Skincare doesn't have to feel complicated and there is joy to be found in stand alone ingredients.

I don't know about you but I'm already excited to see what I discover in 2022.

Sarah x


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