Review Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream (Vegan Cold Cream)

Review Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream (Vegan Cold Cream)
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Pur Eden are Cosmos Organic certified makers of vegan perfumes and skincare from Agen, South West France. How did I come across their products? Well you know when you're placing an order and are a bit shy of the free delivery threshold, yeah it ended up in my basket on a whim.

I bet when you saw the words 'cold cream' on the Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream packaging you immediately thought of your grandma. I had to google it to see if Boots still sold Ponds Cold Cream and yes they do. So what is cold cream? It is an emulsification of water in oil and it gets its name from the sensation of feeling cold on your skin. Cold cream tends to have four ingredients - water, oil, an emulsifier, and a thickening agent. The amount of water and oil are added in approximately equal proportions, allowing the cream to penetrate the outer layer of skin without being absorbed as deeply into your skin as water-based products. 

I read online that people with sensitive, dry or itchy skin will benefit the most from using this type of cream as it may improve the texture and appearance of their complexion. I battle dry skin, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and redness on my face and the winter weather just loves to bring them all out to play. I am fortunate my symptoms are mild but you can probably appreciate why Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream was so appealing to me.

Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream has a fluid texture so I think it's a modern version of traditional cold creams. This moisturiser is formulated with cocoa butter, Nordic cotton and aloe vera which "protects and slows down the dehydration process". I find this face cream mildly refreshing, it doesn't feel overly cold in a way that would shock you. At first I was surprised how light it feels but equally I do find it hydrating. You can easily apply morning and night, plus it works well as a base for makeup.

For those concerned about packaging, according to website information the tube is composed of 95% of materials from renewable resources (sugar cane and spruce wood, PEFC certified) with a carbon footprint 40% lower than a regular polyethylene tube. The outer box is made of PEFC certified cardboard from sustainably managed forests.

To round up this review, Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream is a really nice, fairly priced facial moisturiser. As it is free from fragrance allergens it is likely to be appealing to those with sensitive skin. I enjoy the texture and moisturisation provided by this product and I would happily repurchase. It is a product that I feel comfortable recommending to others.

If you would like to try Pur Eden Nourishing Fluid Face Cream or any other skincare products from this brand, then head over to which is where I purchased this moisturiser.