Review Nourish London New Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser SPF 25

Nourish London Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser SPF 25

Nourish London recently launched their NEW certified organic and vegan Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser with SPF 25. This anti-ageing moisturiser has natural mineral SPF non nano zinc oxide to protect the skin from daily pollution and environmental damage, whilst providing broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

The formulation is full of great ingredients with antioxidants, including Turmeric, Bisabolol and Tocopherol. Hyaluronic Acid and Hexapeptide hydrate skin, whilst ceramide rich Argan, Kale, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Rose of Jericho protect the lipid layer. Soothing actives of Aloe Vera and Borage Oil calm redness and inflammation. For those who are sensitive to essential oils, the ingredient list doesn't list these allergens so I have been able to try out this moisturiser.

What do I think of Nourish London Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser with SPF 25? To the touch it feels like a lightweight moisturiser but on contact with skin you can tell it contains Zinc Oxide. It takes a little more effort to massage into skin as you're trying to work with a noticeable whiteness. I have a fair to medium complexion and this may be more noticeable on darker skin tones. I'm finding it hard to put into words how I feel about the sensation this product leaves on my face. Whilst my skin feels smooth it has an almost dry texture and it doesn't feel dewy. As someone who experiences eczema and dryness it leaves me feeling a little stuck on the fence. This is also a feeling I've had with other natural sun creams so it's certainly not unique to this product.

If you are in the sun for extended periods of time then I wouldn't solely rely on this face cream. You are likely to want to top up throughout the day. Many of us will use moisturisers sparingly and you'll probably apply a pea sized amount however the recommendation for SPF is at least half a teaspoon. The British Association of Dermatologists has advised that moisturiser with an SPF will only help protect you against small amounts of UV exposure. Of course there is always the logic that something is better than nothing so a product such as Nourish London Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser with SPF 25 can have a place in your routine so just be mindful about how you use it.

Nourish London’s New Skin Protecting Daily Moisturiser SPF 25 at the time of publication is priced at £28.00. It is also dermatologically tested (suitable for sensitive skin), pediatrician approved (safe for use on babies) and reef safe. You can purchase this product from

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