Review Lavera Neutral Facial Fluid for very sensitive and allergy prone skin

Review Lavera Neutral Facial Fluid for very sensitive and allergy prone skin

Back in January I reviewed Lavera Neutral Intensive Cream with Silver and in passing mentioned wanting to try the Lavera Neutral Facial Fluid. The Neutral range is deigned for very sensitive and allergy prone skin. The Facial Fluid is free from essential oils, flower extracts and herbal extracts.

So what does Lavera have to offer in terms of ingredients? well, evening primrose provides essential fatty acids which allergic and sensitive skin can lack. This is combined with fennel and witch hazel. Also Lavera promote a Green Ultra Sensitive Complex which is "a mixture of liquorice root and lecithin to help keep skin hydrated and moisturised, leaving it feeling supple and soft." 

As the name suggests this is a light moisturiser without greasiness but providing much needed hydration. I've been pleasantly surprised how well my skin has received this cream. My tastes are definitely changing as I get another year older. The heavy creams I favoured for many years are no longer feeling great on my sweaty peri-menopausal skin. I also think lighter moisturising creams feel better under sun cream as layering feels more favourable in summer weather.

Some readers may recall my love for Green People Anti-Ageing 24 Hour Cream (Scent Free) and I haven't changed my mind but I find it comparable to Lavera Neutral Facial Fluid. Neither one knocks the other off top spot and I would struggle to pick a favourite between them. Both are worthy of your time and attention. 

If you would like to explore products from Lavera, they are available through online retailers.

Sarah x