Natural Deodorants Free From Sodium Bicarbonate and Essential Oils

Natural Deodorants Free From Sodium Bicarbonate and Essential Oils
(Note - please double check ingredients when buying as formulations can change)

If your skin can't handle essential oils and you have a possible sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate (aka bicarb or baking soda/powder) then navigating the world of natural deodorants is rather tricky. I admit I got a little fed up testing and reacting so I fell off the natural deodorant bandwagon a while back. Despite this I thought it might be of interest to put together a list of brands that offer options for very sensitive skin.

Why avoid bicarb? You'll often see complaints from people who develop a rash when using skincare containing sodium bicarbonate. It can be highly abrasive and the alkalinity can irritate delicate skin especially after shaving. From my own experience, I find the sensitivity can develop over time, I start off thinking I can cope but then it ends up irritating. This could also be dependent on the quantity of bicarb in the product. Typically if you're very sensitive it can be agreed that avoiding bicarb might be a good option.

So here's a little shopping list for you. These deodorants are free from sodium bicarbonate, essential oils and suitable for vegans 
Sarah x