Review Green People Scent Free Hand and Body Lotion

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Review Green People Scent Free Hand and Body Lotion
I'm going through a phase right now preferring body lotions over butters and balm. Saying that I struggle to find vegan body lotions without essential oils or at best without linalool. Long time readers will not be surprised to find me mention Green People again. I've a long history to this brand that stretches over many years. If you're not already in the know, Green People have a Scent Free collection of products that I'm always talking about but I don't think I've given blog space to their hand and body lotion.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the texture and look of a body lotion and this one from Green People is no different to the norm. As you may expect it doesn't feel greasy and hydrates to moisturise the skin. The formulation is packed full of ingredients including Chamomile, Marshmallow, Organic Perilla, Evening Primrose, Olive and Shea butter. You will probably find that a little goes a long way which I think is common for natural skincare. The less is more thing is often true due to concentrated formulas. From top to toe this body lotion feels good on my skin. I have dedicated hand cream in my collection but this works in a pinch, it saves on space when travelling to have a multipurpose product. Personally when using as a hand cream I'd say the packaging is probably a little large for carrying in a handbag so it will likely be something you keep at home.

As I've said before dedicated reliable skincare which is free from perfumes and essential oils can sometimes feel like a mission to find. I honestly can't fault Green People products, perhaps the only very small and silly criticism is never knowing when you're about to run about due to the airless pump packaging. Moral of that story is always have a back up on hand.

Sarah x


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