20 June 2011

Natural and Organic Skincare for Babies and Children
I hope everyone has had a pleasant day? Today was the first day of my holiday woo hoo! Last year I went to LA but this year I am having a staycation.  I have lots of things planned for the next two weeks and I am hoping to share some of it with you.   In the mean time this is just a quick post which was prompted by the fact that I have several pregnant friends and one of them had her baby today - it was a boy.

I don't have kids of my own but when I buy gifts for new arrivals I always chose natural and organic products. I had constant rashes and eczema as a child so I believe it's important to take care of delicate skin. It is worth researching ingredients and understanding that some are triggering reactions. We want the very best for our children and the environment so natural and organic skincare can be seen as an investment on them and the planet. I appreciate many new parents have to consider budgets but more plant based, naturally derived brands are popping up on the shelves of Boots and supermarkets. I don't see the need for controversial products from brands such as Johnson & Johnson. There is no reason why adults can't use products formulated for children. I often find when my skin is feeling super sensitive a natural baby product will usually be gentler to use.

Here's a list of brand for you to explore next time you are shopping for a gift or your child -


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