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19 December 2020

Sukin Spot Banishing Gel for Blemish Control

I have the driest skin but even I'm prone to the occasional pimple and I'm noticing a few more now that masks have become a daily accessory. I find the best way to target spots is with a dedicated product and so I've been using Sukin Spot Banishing Gel.

Before I continue with this review just a little mention to the fact this product contains Limonene and Linalool. The latter allergen (linalool) I avoid but for small pimples I can get away with using this product without causing irritation. As long as I'm free of eczema in the affected area then I'm usually OK. I'm using the gel in small quantities for only a couple of days rather than long term daily applications which also makes a difference.

I've been a fan of Sukin for as long as I can remember. It's affordable and these days easily available online and in high street stores. Sukin Spot Banishing Gel contains active ingredients of willowherb, quince and salicylic acid. This combinations helps soothe skin, control bacteria, limit pore size and prevent shine. This also sounds impressive but does it actually work? My answer is YES and I've been VERY impressed at how quickly my spots seem under control and less painful. The gel has a cooling sensation which I think alleviates any heat, redness or pain associated with a pimple. When applied in the evenings by morning my skin is looking much better. I then let nature take its course and pretty much forget about my spot, I only re-apply if it's a stubborn pimple that needs additional treatment to clear.

If you are prone to oily skin and blemishes you can compliment the Sukin Spot Banishing Gel with their Blemish Control range which includes face wash, toner and moisturiser. These products are available individually or boxed as a 4-step Blemish Control Kit, perfect for gifting.

Sukin Spot Banishing, Blemish Control products and other dedicated skincare ranges are available to purchase through online retailers.

Sarah x

23 May 2011

Free From Skincare for Teen Skin
I thought I would blog about Free From products for teenage and younger skins. By this I mean some ingredients which may concern people (e.g parabens) have been removed. This is about affordability and choosing to avoid traditional acne and blemish brands such as Clearasil. My teenage years are long gone, so my skin has different needs. I have carried out some research and there are a lot of choice for teenagers when it comes to skincare formulated with plant based ingredients. Here is a list of brands which I suggest you may want to have a closer look at. The products listed below caught my eye and look very appealing.

Amie Skincare - affordable and available direct from their website or on the high street at Superdrug and Boots.  The range includes eye makeup remover, facial wash, 2 in 1 cleanser & toner, moisturiser, exfoliating polish and a clay mask.

Young & Pure -  affordable with prices similar to Aime.  You can buy direct from website or from MyPure.  This brand carries a larger product range than Amie, it includes Face care, Bath & Body, Haircare and Spot Treatment.

Oy! - a teen product range from Green People. Affordable and available from a number of good websites. 

Good Things - this is another affordable range which I have seen at Boots.  Products include cleanser, day moisturiser, exfoliator, cleansing wipes, eye cream & night cream.  Also there is an anti-blemish line which includes a cleanser, mask, spot gel and moisturiser.

Sarah x


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