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2 May 2014

Review Badger Balm Arnica Blend Joint Rub
Muscle rubs are not the most exciting of skincare products but it is something I have been using for a number of years. I have desperately been trying to replace my ibuprofen gel with a natural alternative. In a recent Haul Video, I mention Badger and Gwdihw products and explained that several years ago I had sustained an injury from a road traffic accident. The problem with ibrupofen gels is they contain alcohol and petroleum and they aggravate my eczema, hence the desire for a natural alternative.

I have been doing some research and there are a number of products on the market. One thing I was warned about is the essential oil ingredients in muscle rubs can be strong and they may not suit my skin type given my problems with irritation. I decided I had to take the risk as I needed to find a solution to my ongoing pain. The first product I purchased was Gwdihw Magic Muscle Rub. I went for this because I had previously used their lip balm and the price is a reasonable £4.49 for 25g. I will mention that the product label is terrible, no INCI (only English), no best before date and no batch number. Packaging is adequate but the lid does not close properly and keeps falling off. Putting that aside, in terms of effectiveness, this muscle rub did nothing for me.

I decided to look at Badger Balm products and I ended up buying Badger Arnica Blend Joint Rub. I went for this one rather than their Cayenne & Ginger Muscle Rub because I have used Arnica gel before and was pleased with the results. The Joint Rub is not the softest of balms and we have been using a spatula to remove from tin. I say “we” because my Boyfriend has the task of rubbing this onto my shoulders as I can't reach. It does melt on contact with warm skin so you can massage with it. I like the fragrance; it’s a soft gingery scent with a hint of sweetness. The important part for me is Joint Rub works. I use the balm at night time and by the morning I feel a lot better and it has relieved pain. Herbal/Aromatherapy treatments like this one are of course an individual experience but in my eyes this is a little miracle worker and I highly recommend it.

I would say that Badger Balm has a large following in the Green Community, it’s up there with Dr Bronner’s and you rarely read a negative review. Ingredients are 100% natural, USDA organic certified and cruelty free. I bought my balm from and it cost £3.99 for a 21g tin. 

Are any of my readers Badger Balm fans? Do you have a favourite product? Do you use one of the muscle rubs?

Sarah x

11 December 2012

Clipper Tea Organic Burst
I knew Raspberry Leaf was used for preparing for labour but had not realised it can be good for PMS. From what I have read it may assist in reducing cramps and heavy bleeding. I gave it a whirl alongside my prescribed medications and I did notice I reduced the number of pain killers I took. Obviously some more testing is needed but I was impressed enough to want to try it again, after all tea has got to be better for my stomach than pills.

I have been following Organic Burst on Twitter but it was not until I read Buff Beauty's post about Maca that I took the plunge to buy it. I had not realised that Maca has been found to be beneficial in reducing Menopausal and PMS symptoms. I took this religiously for a week but then lost interest because I dislike the taste. It comes in a powder form and I have to find a way of masking the flavour. So far soya milk with Strawberry Nesquik is the best solution. I also dislike that it doesn't dissolve easily in liquid. Despite this I am going to give it another try so I will keep you updated on my progress.

I'm researching cloth and organic cotton pads as I have problems with Always and Bodyform scenting their towels. Why do they think I want my lady parts to smell like air freshener? I have read some women believe the toxins in non-organic pads are the cause of problematic periods. At the moment the frustration I have with organic pads is I can only see them online. I have been put off ordering because of delivery charges. It would be much easier to throw them in my trolley when doing the weekly shop at local supermarket. The other issue that holds me back is the price. Understandably the cost is higher but heavy periods means I buy mainstream brands in bulk when they are on special offer at the Supermarket. I think if I can combat the heavy periods with an alternative treatment it may give me the push to buy natural and organic pads. In the meantime, if you have any brand recommendations for period care items then I would be happy to hear them.

Sarah x


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