31 July 2018

Vegan Menu at The White Hart Pub in Pirbright, Surrey
A while back I had to write a bio for myself, not the easiest thing to do and recently those very words came up in conversation with my hubby. I had written “Sarah dreams of a world where dairy free ice cream is on every restaurant menu” and the other day I was thinking my goal no longer feels like a dream it’s starting to become a reality. For too many years when I went out for a meal I watched everyone else eat dessert whilst I missed out but more recently, depending on the location of course, I get to join in. Thanks to the rise in Veganism and the power of Twitter I’m discovering local destinations that are bringing on board dedicated Vegan menus and one such place is The White Hart in Pirbright. No longer do you have to ask for alterations to your meal, these are dishes you can order straight off the menu.


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