Random Thoughts - Age is just a number

happy birthday e-card
I just hit the big 4-0 and for some reason everyone around me seemed very freak out about it. It was really weird. I had passing comments about not sending a card with 40 on it in case it upset me and a delivery driver muttered along the lines of "last thing you need is a balloon with your age on it" (thanks Mum & Dad). Why did everyone react this way? Is it a gender thing? As a woman am I meant to be horrified and ashamed about turning 40, was I supposed to be wallowing, gorging on vegan cake and claiming I'm 21 again?

It might come as a surprise but I'm okay with my age. I do contemplate where time has gone but I'm not upset about it, just sad that it seems to be whizzing past so quickly. In truth I don't feel 40 (except on cold mornings when my knees creak!) and I don't often think about my age. I know not everyone is comfortable ageing but I'm grateful to have made it this far and hope I live a long and healthy life.

Yes, I do pre-date the internet and mobile phones but age is just a number. I'm refuse to feel upset about ageing and I will continue to embrace it.

Sarah x