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Sugarpuffish started in 2011 but my green beauty journey began a long time ago. Out of my passion for natural and organic skincare I grew my website. I have extensive knowledge about the community, ingredients and natural & eco-friendly brands.

I'm interested in hearing from brands who share the same passions about natural ingredients and ethical choices alongside understanding allergies and skin conditions such as eczema. I'm very interested in products that are fragrance free (no perfume/essential oils) or free from the allergen linalool.

Over the years I've worked with many brands. I have ongoing blogger partnerships with Love Lula and Odylique. I've also worked regularly with Green People, Lyonsleaf, Myroo, Organii, Bodhi & Birch, Mallow + White, Nourish London and many more.

Choosing the right blogger takes time and there isn't a one size fits all option. I specialise in content creation to increase engagement and followers. There are a number of ways in which I can collaborate with you, for example, product reviews, sponsored articles, guest writing, interviews and social media marketing.

If you are short on time for blogging or newsletters that's where I can step in. I can also offer virtual administration and social media management. 

If you wish to get in contact please send an email to - sugarpuffish @

Don't forget to include what you're looking for along with the URL to your site and we can take it from there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah x


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