Thursday, 26 March 2015

Free Tickets - The Allergy & Free From Show and Love Natural Love Organic 2015

As you know every year I visit the Allergy & Free From Show and its newer sister show Love Natural Love Organic. Once again I've been given the opportunity to offer my readers Free Tickets. You can download tickets using the links below. Either link will get you into the shows just depends on your personal interests which one you'd rather register with.

The Allergy & Free From Show click here

Love Natural Love Organic click here

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mount Purious Starflower Oil Body Moisturiser

You may have noticed that in recent months I have turned my focus to vegan products. I mentioned Mount Purious Raw Skincare in a blog post (click here) and was approached to review the Starflower Oil Body Moisturiser*. 

The oil is extracted from the seed of the Starflower plant (Borago Officinalis). Starflower oil is rich in the fatty acid GLA (Gammalinoleic Acid) and has twice the level of Evening Primrose. You may already be familiar with its medicinal properties because supplements are often recommended for Women’s Health but it can also be used for skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. 

Using the Starflower oil from top to toe has not necessarily “cured” me of my eczema/dermatitis but what it has done is provided a new level of comfort. I have found it to be hugely beneficial at calming the dreaded itch, of course that may be down to my skin being overly dry but my skin appears to absorb quickly and the effects last longer than other oils I have tried.

As Mount Purious Skincare is certified organic and free from additives you are buying oil in its purest form. I do not have to worry about perfumes or filler ingredients and where my skin is concerned this is a huge bonus to me. So far, this product has been the only one which gives me temporary relief from the irritation of Seborrheic dermatitis which is recurrent around my eyes and mouth. I am hopeful that with continued use I might be able to win the battle which has been ongoing for over two years.

As you can tell it’s very hard for me to be critical of this product. You all know I love skincare which is simple and Mount Purious ticks the boxes. The range extends beyond Starflower oil to include Argan, Camellia, Evening Primrose, Hemp, Jojoba, Rosehip, Tamanu and Rosewater toner. I highly recommend you have a browse of the website and let me know if you decided to buy a product.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Brand Focus - Pure Nuff Stuff

Pure Nuff Stuff Shaving Soap Review

I have made a few orders with Pure Nuff Stuff, first it was shaving soap for my other half, then I decided to buy shower gel and foot soak shots. Pure Nuff Stuff is a brand I have had my eye on long before I started this blog. Products are free from the usual suspect “nasty” ingredients (SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances & colours, petrochemicals etc) and their anti-animal testing policy is BUAV certified

Slowly but surely I have been encouraging Mr Sugarpuffish’s to “clean up” his choice of facial products. I must admit I buy the products and strategically place them in the bathroom. I bought the shaving soap with a bowl (refills available) and I recommend picking up a shaving brush if you don’t already have one. 

Mr Sugarpuffish tells me he is happy with the soap. It took him a bit of practice to master the right amount of lather but otherwise he has been managing fine with the switch from aerosol shaving gels. This soap is scented with clary sage and lime but it is not a heavy fragrance. I suspected Mr S was mildly sensitive to mainstream shaving gels and I have noticed improvements in his skin, previously he would get a rash over his chin and I don’t see this when he uses the shaving soap. You certainly do get value for money as the soap with a bowl costs £6.50. I bought it at the end of September 2014, it is used weekly and plenty of product remains at this time.

Pure Nuff Stuff Body Wash & Bath Shots Review

I had previously mentioned the Squeaky Clean Bath & Shower Gel in a post about unscented products (click here & here). I am really pleased I took the plunge to order this. The ingredients are simple and the option to buy without fragrance is always welcomed where my skin is concerned. This shower gel lathers up nicely on my Konjac sponge and I am very happy in the knowledge that it does not strip or irritate my skin.

I chose the bath shots because I love the concept, they are budget friendly and you can pick scents depending on your mood. I recently have been enjoying foot soaks so I bought Fresh Feet and Arch Angel. My only criticism is the product was compacted into the tube so it did not pour out, I ended up using the handle of a sundae spoon to release the product but aside from this I think they are very nice salt soaks.

Pure Nuff Stuff has a large product range and I definitely recommend taking a look at their website. They may not have the most fancy of packaging but you will find honest ingredients and prices.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Gerlinde Naturals Vegan Skincare - Cleansing Oil and Whipped Shea Butter

Gerlinde Naturals Cleansing Oil Review Vegan

I first mentioned Gerlinde Naturals in my post about Vegan natural and organic skincare. They are a small artisan vegan business based in the South of England. I accepted an offer from Gerlinde, the founder, to try some products. She went above and beyond for me sending cleansing oil and whipped shea butter formulated without essential oils. That right there is why I love handmade skincare and smaller brands because their owners listen to customer needs and have the ability to adapt their products. 

The key ingredients for the cleansing oil* are coconut, hemp, jojoba, apricot and caster oil (complete list is available on the website). It is slightly heavier than others I have in my collection but just as effective and a pleasure to use. My cleanser came with a Washi cloth and I was pleased to see Gerlinde had this partnership. It does make a pleasant change to the usual muslin cloths. Washi cloths first featured on my blog in 2012 but for those not aware they are similar to a traditional flannel but slightly thinner. 

Gerlinde Naturals Organic Whipped Shea Butter Review

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know that I love shea butter. For me, it is perfect for my naturally dry skin and works well on mild eczema patches to maintain moisture levels. The Gerlinde Natural shea butter*(face & body cream) is whipped which makes it light and fluffy to the touch. No need to dig into the jar with a spatula this one is easy to scoop out with your fingers. Mine is missing the essential oils but it does contain calendula, evening primrose and vitamin E which are excellent ingredients for sensitive skin. 

Gerlinde Naturals gets my seal of approval. These are honest products with good ingredients and certainly what I look for when choosing skincare.

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