Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review - TOTM 100% organic cotton sanitary products

TOTM 100% organic cotton sanitary products

Back in October I introduced readers to TOTM (Time of the Month) organic cotton sanitary pads (click here). As promised, I am back with a review. I received two TOTM Ultra Thin Day Pads and two Ultra Thin Night pads (both products have wings). For a point of reference, the products I normally use are Bodyform (Ultra Long Wings) and Always Night.

I have to be totally honest, TOTM pads did not score well on performance but it’s probably due to the fact that I experience heavy periods. I ended up using the night pad during the day as I preferred the extra length it provided. As I sat down to write this review, I studied every inch of the pad. I came to the conclusion that Bodyform is offering me marginally better protection (it’s not perfect and has failed me on occasions). They claim “anti-leak barriers” and “absorbent where you need it most”. It’s not until I look closer that I noticed the lines and shapes in the design do serve a purpose. I feel like I should get out blue water and demo the difference on camera but I will refrain.

TOTM 100% organic cotton sanitary products

TOTM pads are soft to the touch and similar in thickness (or should that be thinness? lol) to mainstream brands. The pad has a ridge design and not a completely flat surface. Whilst using the pad I noted that the adhesive was sufficient to keep it in place, an important factor for me since I have used other organic brands which have let me down. 

In principal, I would happily ditch mainstream for TOTM. I appreciate the differences. They are better for the environment and my body because they lack "harsh" ingredients (chlorine, perfumes, dioxin) found in mainstream brands. I have previously, tried Natracare and I would recommend TOTM over those. 

Although my experience was not perfect, I would still encourage switching over to TOTM, even more so if you prefer using tampons. You will pay extra for organic sanitary products, for comparison TOTM cost £3.10 (8 pads in box) and Bodyform Ultra Long £1.79 (12 pads in packet). I am sure we can agree that we cannot put a price on the environment and our health. 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Guest Post for Bodhi Luxe - How To Read Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredients Labels

If you are not already aware, I occasionally contribute to the lovely website, Bodhi Luxe. This week they have published my article titled "How To Read Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredients Labels" (Click here). I offer tips for reading ingredients, list a few ingredients to avoid, discuss logos associated with the shelf life of products and identifying organic and cruelty free skincare.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Samples - Living Nature, Pulpe De Vie, TEWC, Madara, Herbfarmacy

Samples - Living Nature, Pulpe De Vie, TEWC, Madara, Herbfarmacy

In the goody bag from the October Meet Up (post link), I received several sachet samples which I have been working my way through. Of course, I will only provide first impressions of these products since most sachets only contain enough product for a couple of applications.

Herbfarmacy Just Face Cream & Wash Off Cleansing Mousse (website link)
The Just Face Cream, is fragrance free so that sparked my interest. I would consider buying the full size but I hesitate because it contains Phenoxyethanol. Not an ingredient I avoid entirely but one I use with caution. I had previously reviewed the cleansing mousse back in 2012 and I wasn't impressed. With continued use, I did not feel it was appropriate for my skin type but it's fine for a one off (review link)

Living Nature Extra Hydrating toning gel, Nourishing Day Cream & Firming Flax Serum (provided by Botanical Brands)
I think the sample packaging is great, the snap opening makes for easy application and you can squeeze every last drop of product out. All three products were pleasant to use but the one that stood out for me was the Nourishing Day cream. It felt rich without being overly heavy. I would consider buying a full size but the price is the sticking point for me 50ml = £31 which is more than I would normally spend.

Pulpe De Vie LOVE ME TONIGHT Anti-ageing Night Cream, Pulpe De Vie COZY CUDDLE Radiant Face Cream, SWEET FRAPPE Mask and Face Scrub & LUSCIOUS GLOW Pearly Body Milk (provided by Botanical Brands)
Pulpe De Vie is a fun and fruity brand. The scents are delightful but slightly overpowering for my own personal taste. That being said I did enjoy using up the samples as the creams felt pleasant on my skin (I passed along the body milk to my sister). The mask & face scrub is a novel product to use. A three step process - apply to dry skin and leave 5 minutes, massage gently to cleanse and exfoliate, then add water to turn the mask into a milk which can be washed away. Would I buy full sizes? I am undecided, packaging and scents made me feel these products could be more suited to teens/young adults.

Madara Anti-Ageing Day Cream, Anti-Ageing Night Cream & Deep Moisture Cream (provided by
The sample collection covered different skin types so I selected the ones appropriate to me and passed on the rest. I am not new to the brand and have bought Madra products in the past. The one issue I have with this brand is the scent, it’s strong and a little unusual. The creams were nice to use but the only one that stood out for me was the Deep Moisture Cream. I would consider buying a full size bottle. Madara is a good brand for those who are Vegan and I noticed the claim (on their website) that products are nut free.

TEWC Grapefruit Facial Exfoliator (provided by Vanessa's Choice)
This exfoliator contains fine scrub particles but they are still a little too abrasive for my sensitive skin. As this product is a balm consistency, it is heavy with oil which does leave a greasy residue. I disliked this sensation on my skin and found it difficult to remove. I would be more inclined to use this on my body rather than my face. 

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Winter Essentials Tag (Video)

Sugarpuffish Winter Essentials Tag

The idea of this Tag is to select 5 items (anything you like) that you love using during the Winter. I ended up in a muddle and lost count, so bonus item for you. I was tagged by Chesca (Fern & Moss)

Items mentioned

1. Winter Accessories - scarves & hats
2. PJ's
3. Dairy Free Hot Chocolate (Sweet Freedom Choc Shot, Oatly Chocolate)
4. Lip Balms - *Opulentia Organics, Crazy Rumors, *Hurraw
5. Body Butters - *Chilly B Hand Balm & Foot Butter, *Lyonsleaf Healing Calendula Cream, *Balmology Comfort Balm

I tag 
Rach - All Natural Aspirations
Jen - Jen's Green Skincare
Hephzibah - Good For Me, Good For You
Annie - Hello Purle Clouds
Nicole - Eco Chic Beauty Diva

Everyone's links are in my sidebar

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