Event Overview: Gorgeously Green 2016 (plus gift bag giveaway)

Event Overview Gorgeously Green 2016 Speakers
When I got into bed Sunday night I was buzzing with excitement and struggling to wind down. Jen (Jen's Green Skincare) and I can now finally relax after organising another successful Gorgeously Green event. Yes I totally just bragged there and I'm not apologising because it's bloody hard work considering we organised this one around a wedding, pregnancy and our full time jobs.


Organic Beauty Week: Look for the Logo

Organic Beauty Week: Look for the Logo  Soil Association
The Organic Beauty Week Campaign for 2016 is #lookforthelogo. A long time ago I wrote a piece titled "How to make sure you are buying truly organic skincare". It could do with updating but the general principals remain the same, in order to guarantee a beauty product is truly organic you need to look for a certification logo such as the Soil Association.

I thought I would share with you some of the organic brands which I enjoy using and talk you through my favourite products.

Odylique - if you are regular reader you will know that I rave non-stop about Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo, honestly it changed my life the day I discovered it. No more itchy scalp for me, I can't be without it and purchase the 500ml bottle in bulk. I also love the Creamy Coconut Cleanser, my struggles with linalool have been well documented and this cleanser is a repeat purchase for me. I also think Superfruit Concentrate is one of the best facial serums your money can buy and if you struggle with eczema then I recommend the Repair Lotion.

Skin & Tonic - the Naked Beauty Oil is up there with Odylique when it comes to unscented facial oils. It's a beautiful product which I highly recommend. I haven't tried much else from the range because of my allergies but I know many of my blogger friends rave about their products so I'm confident there is something for everyone.

Terre Verdi - I've had the pleasure of knowing this brand through the Free From Skincare Awards and more recently they attended our Gorgeously Green Event. The brand has come a long way since my review last year. Elegant and stylish bottle full of gorgeous ingredients what more do you need.

Herbfarmacy - you'll often hear people mention their balms, Mallow Beauty Balm appears to be a cult favourite amongst bloggers and I have enjoyed using it over the years. I recently took on my holidays the Marshmallow & Vanilla Lip Conditioner and I know some many think "what's so special about a lip balm" but seriously it's a wonderful buttery blend of ingredients.

Botanicals -  an award winning vegan brand that I've had the pleasure of knowing for quite some time. I highly recommend the Rose & Camellia Nourish Cleanse Melt is you love using cleansing balms. I also enjoy using their Raw & Pure range of Cold Pressed Oils perfect for those who like to keep things simple or have fragrance allergies. 

Balm Balm - simple packaging and ingredients makes this brand awesome. I've been a fan for years and often recommend Super Light Coconut Cleanser if you have sensitive skin. Also an affordable range for organic certified products.

Lulu & Boo Organics - dig around in the archives and you'll find a review for the Chamomile Cleansing Balm and Shea Butter & Jojoba Hair Treatment. I've know this brand for a long time and I recommend them.

Do you have a favourite certified organic brand or product? 

Sarah x 


National Eczema Week 2016

National Eczema Week 2016
"This year's National Eczema Week (17-25 September) will focus on the psychological impact of the condition on patients, their families and carers. While the physical impact of eczema is well documented, the emotional fallout can still often go under the radar, with many patients saying that nobody ever asks them how they feel in themselves, - only how their skin feels." - National Eczema Society


Review: Eco by Sonya Organic Coconut and Mint Body Wash

Review: Eco by Sonya Organic Coconut and Mint Body Wash
Body wash isn’t the most exciting skincare product but it’s one that gives me the most amount of grief (along with sun screen). When my Green journey began it was shower gels that I switched out first because I realised sulphates were doing me no favours. That was fine up until a few years ago when I had skin tests that suggested I should avoid linalool. Out the window went every shower product I had ever known and in came Dessert Essence Fragrance Free Body Wash. Now I’m more than happy with Dessert Essence and I’ve used up several tubes but from time to time I miss fragrance. So this desire leads me on to my new Eco by Sonya Coconut & Mint Body Wash*.

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