Tried & Tested Free From Recipes #3

Sugarpuffish Tried & Tested Recipes Vegan

Spring Green Rosti  - a Waitrose recipe card, simple idea of frying up grated potato with spring greens. We skipped the tomatoes but added in some left over broccoli   

Bionita Spinach Gnocchi (gluten free & vegan) - I'm cheating as this is not a recipe but I enjoyed this Gnocchi combined with a stir in pasta sauce and broccoli

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup energy bites -  Delicious snack to keep in the fridge for when your sweet tooth gets a craving. I substituted peanut butter for Meridian almond butter.

Egg Free Meringues - When I found this recipe I was skeptical, how could chickpea water make meringues but the end result have been simply amazing. Combined with sliced peaches and Alpro soya cream and I have been living the dream!


Review: Botanicals Therapeutic Foot Soak

Botanicals Therapeutic Foot Soak Review

My new favourite way to relax is with foot soaks. It is a simple pleasure to take ten minutes of "me time". I have two ways of using a foot soak. I will add to a bowl of water and relax in front of the TV or I fill the bath with enough water to cover my feet, take a shower and enjoy the aroma from the steam (I have a shower over the bath rather than separate cubicle). 


New products discovered at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2015

natural and organic skincare discovered at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2015
On Sunday I was able to attend the Natural & Organic Products Europe Event thanks to Viridian. It’s a trade only show which covers everything from skincare, wellbeing and food. This was my idea of heaven and in keeping with my blog theme so it was worth the trip up to Excel, London. I was also able to spend the day with fellow Green Bloggers Amber and Ailish.


New to Me Free From Products - Nakd, Choc Shot, Tesco Cones, Go Nuts!

Free From Product Nakd, Choc Shot, Tesco Cones, Go Nuts!

It's been a good few weeks in the Sugarpuffish household, discovering new to me free from foods has been very exciting and I have been tracking them down.

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