National Eczema Week 2017: Natural Skincare for those prone to eczema

National Eczema Week 2017 Natural Skincare for those prone to eczema
Eczema is part of who I am. I'm very fortunate that the atopic eczema I experience as an adult is very mild in comparison to my childhood but it doesn't make it any less irritating. There are different types of dermatitis so it has to be treated individually but letting people know what you use can perhaps help narrow down choices. I'm mindful of recommending products because what works for one person might not be the answer for someone else.


My Current Natural and Organic Facial Skincare Routine

Natural and Organic Facial Skincare
I thought it might be interesting to take a snap shot of my current facial skincare routine. I try and keep products to a minimum because otherwise I find my skin doesn't cope. I'm currently favouring products which are free from linalool and I've found that this helps control dermatitis and redness. For those unaware of my medical history this article will explain the linalool/dermatitis connection - Skin Tests by Dermatologist


Strong Roots - Quality Frozen Foods - Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly

Strong Roots Quality Frozen Foods Gluten Free Vegan Friendly
Back in April I discovered Strong Roots Kale & Quinoa burgers at Waitrose and since then repurchased a number of times. I really love the flavour and it makes a pleasant change from the usual vegetable burgers I pick out at Sainsbury's. Coincidentally I was recently contacted about Strong Roots and because I'd already bought the burgers I happily accepted an offer to receive the entire range.

"We’re a new start-up food company from Dublin in Ireland bringing frozen food back from the dead. We’re keeping it simple, tasty and delicious"


Mini Reviews: July - Natural Skincare from Love Lula

Reviews Natural Skincare Love Lula Trilogy Acure Madara
In July I scaled back my choices from Love Lula because I was taking time out to recover from surgery and wanted to ease my blogging workload. Let me talk you through what I have been using.

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