Natural Cosmetics: Lipsticks

Natural Cosmetics Green Beauty Makeup Lipsticks
I think I fell out of love for makeup in my 20s. It was a time when I was backpacking and it was no longer important to me. I'd never really worn a great deal in my teens as the mainstream brands often triggered irritation and it was a time when I became conscious of animal testing. Even to this day I'm not wearing makeup on a daily basis, I reserve it for weekends and special occasions. I have managed to build up a little collection of lipsticks over the past year and a half. These are natural brands, free from carmine but two of them contain beeswax. I thought you might enjoy taking a look into my makeup bag so I hope this would be of interest.


Review: Odylique 3 In 1 Maca Mask

Review Odylique 3 In 1 Maca Mask
You all know Odylique is a brand I heavily rely upon and a number of their products are part of my daily routine. They recently launched a 3 in 1 Maca Mask and I’ve had the opportunity to put it to the test. I should probably explain that face masks are not a regular part of my routine. I tend to use them before special occasions (like the run up to my wedding last year) but I have to be 100% confident with the brand as I’ve experienced a number of reactions to masks over my lifetime.


Monthly Mini Reviews: March Green Beauty Products from Love Lula

Monthly Mini Reviews March Green Beauty Products from Love Lula
Here we go with another month of testing products I've selected from Love Lula. I do hope you enjoy these posts and find them useful. As always I'm providing my honest opinions and if you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below.


Catch up with Love to B (formerly Chilly B)

Love to B Natural Skincare Handmade Dorset
Digging through my archives I realised it had been a long time since I had talked about Love to B (they recently re-branded from Chilly B Soap Company). Julie has grown her business to a point where she has up-sized manufacturing from the family home to a new unit in Ringwood (Dorset). I managed to squeeze in a visit on Friday to see the new premises as we have family in the local area and were passing by.
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