Afternoon Tea: Vegan and Gluten Free at The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough

Afternoon Tea Vegan and Gluten Free at The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough
I was recently invited for Afternoon tea at The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough, Hampshire. For those not familiar with Farnborough it is best known for its history with aviation. The hotel is a short walk from the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum and overlooks the airport. I recently accepted an invitation to try The Aviator’s Afternoon Tea and was delighted to learn that they can cater for specific dietary requirements – vegetarian, gluten free, nut free and dairy free. With my allergies I opted for a Vegan menu, sadly my sister (who is coeliac) was unable to join me so a friend, Kate stepped in to sample the Gluten free.


New Launches: Nectar & Bumble, Mallow & White, Odylique, Herbfarmacy

To be honest I've got a little behind with the blog as work and life are generally busier during the summer months which I'm sure everyone can appreciate. This post is a round up of recent launches which have come my way. 

Odylique Natural Sun Screen Vegan Fairtrade Organic

Odylique* - launched a new SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen for sensitive skin, it's the first to be approved by the Fairtrade Foundation and organically certified. It is also Vegan and cruelty free. The British weather has been so fickle up until recently that I had stashed this away to try on a beach holiday next month. 



Review: Rather Lovely Purity Facial Cleanser and Facial Serum

Review: Rather Lovely Purity Facial Cleanser and Facial Serum
I do hope no one is bored of the fragrance free reviews but I’m cutting down on skincare products with the essential oil allergen linalool. When I had my tests back in 2015, I never realised how much of a difference avoiding linalool could make to my skin. I was hesitant at first because we were not sure if it was a false positive as they had to patch test around my eczema. First change I made was to cut out shower products containing essential oils and immediately I noticed a difference. I have still been using facial skincare containing linalool on and off but I always have persistent patches of eczema on my chin and forehead. I noticed my eczema coming and going and wonder if that coincides with switching between fragrance and fragrance free products (I’m terrible for keeping track of things). 

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