Allergy Friendly - Dairy Free Easter Eggs (also Gluten Free & Vegan options)

I spent much of my childhood watching my sister makes herself sick on Easter chocolate and my consolation prize was a toy. In recent years dairy free Easter eggs are everywhere so I'm making up for lost time. I've put together a shopping list of allergy friendly Easter treats to guide you where to spend your pennies.

Moo Free - it's great to see so many places stocking Moo Free chocolates, you'll spot them in supermarkets and local stores. This year there are three eggs to chose from - classic "milk" chocolate, Bunnycomb (aka honeycomb toffee) and Orange chocolate. Moo Free products are dairy and gluten free (they operate a milk free factory) and suitable for Vegans.


Review: Alucia Organics Certified Organic Deep Cleansing Balm Fragrance Free

Review Alucia Organics Certified Organic Deep Cleansing Balm Fragrance Free
Fragrance free products are a huge part of my life, it might be dull not to have scent but it keeps my skin happy. Any company which offers a fragrance free version of their range is going to get a high five from me. Essential oils are beautiful and beneficial to some but they can be problematic to those with very sensitive skin. Lavender was my hero for many years before skin tests which revealed linalool could be triggering my eczema.


Lets talk trash - March Empties - What I've used up

Green Beauty Empties Joik Skin & Tonic Balm Balm Ermana Rossi Evolve
I’m not entirely sure why Empties are so interesting but they allow me the opportunity to show you I enjoyed every drop and give my final thoughts on products. Usually I would film for my YouTube channel but I haven’t found the time recently. I think people underestimate how consuming it can be. Anyway let’s chat about the product pictured above. I’ll link any reviews I previously wrote.


Monthly Mini Reviews: February Green Beauty Products from Love Lula

Monthly Mini Reviews February Green Beauty Products Love Lula Trilogy Madara Rio Rosa Mosqueta
I have to say that a month of testing is flying past as here I am again with another review of products available from Love Lula. I’ve chosen products with ingredients that are suitable for Vegans.

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