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Pai, Antipodes and Freyaluna

What do I have to talk about this weekend? I have some very naught food treats to share with you. I had left over Betty Crocker buttercream and a cinnamon & raisin bagel and decided that the two needed to become friends. This resulted in sugar rush heaven and certainly not for the faint heart. 

My local Tesco is now stocking USA food. As if I need any more encouragement when it comes to food. I have a weakness for Twizzlers and Pop Tarts. I picked up Reese's chocolate & peanut butter ice cream topping. Yes, it's dairy free. If you can not get hold of this then check out our UK versions. I usually buy Askey's Monster Crackin' chocolate topping. You often find that products labelled "chocolate flavouring" will not contain milk.

A while back I volunteered to test an eczema cream formulated by Freyaluna. I understand the trial and feedback was successful and the product is now on sale. The One for Eczema is 100% natural and free from synthetic ingredients. Although it is listed as a cream I would describe it as a balm. I did find it helped soothe itching and prevented dryness when applied regularly.

My other beauty news is I have purchased Antipodes Resurrect Clarifying Toner. I love the Antipodes Rejoice facial day cream and can you believe I still have not finished the tube. Anyway I have been so impressed I thought I would give something else a try. I opted for a toner because it does not contain rose. Big whoop as my hormonal weirdness is making me hate rose scents. This one is lavender and sage. I have yet to break the seal as I am currently using up my one from Tropic but I will review at a later stage. I haven't blogged in detail about Pai cleanser and moisturisers but I am a huge fan. I was running low on body cream so perfect timing all round.

I hope everyone is enjoy the amazing sunshine and I will speak to you in my next review. Have you entered my giveaway?

Sarah x