What I eat: Fry's Chicken Style Strips

Fry's Chicken-Style strips
If you are looking for some meal inspiration then I recently discovered Fry's Chicken-Style strips in the freezer section at Holland & Barrett. This was perfect timing as we discovered a Fajita kit in the back of the cupboard so made them for dinner. As I can't have Quorn these turned out to be a great alternative. I'm not a huge fan of fake meats but sometimes a dish calls for this type of product. I like wraps, you can pile them up with all your favourite things. This one has the "chicken" strips, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese and mayo. I can see this product would be very versatile and perfect for a stir fry or topping to a salad.

I've explored the Fry's website and found they have a huge range of products so I can't wait to find more to try. 

Sarah x


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