Review Nudge Boutique Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar and Fragrance Free Whipped Body Butter

Review Nudge Boutique Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar and Fragrance Free Whipped Body Butter
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I adore oil to milk cleansers and happily received a recommendation over on IG to check out Nudge Boutique (thank you Emma). I decided to order the Nudge Boutique Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar and Fragrance Free Whipped Body Butter.

By now you've realised that using skincare that is free from essential oils is of huge benefit to me. I will always champion new and innovative products that consider consumers with sensitivities. Nudge Boutique Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar stands out from the crowd for being a solid cleanser. This is a great way to reduce waste and refill options are available. It's also super handy for travel because I'm sure like many of you know leaking bottles can be a problem. There is nothing worse than loosing a precious oil to your wash bag.

Nudge Boutique cleansing bar fits perfectly into the palm of your hand which makes application easy. All you need to do is rub the bar over dry skin and your natural warmth melts the cleanser to leave a lovely oil on the surface of your face. Then you can take the time to massage across your skin to remove dirt and makeup. When you are happy to finish cleansing simply apply water to emulsify the oil into a milk and rinse away. After a bit of experimenting I decided my chosen method is not to emulsify on the skin but to wipe the oil away with a damp cloth. Not only is this cleanser a joy to use but it has a delightful aroma that naturally comes from cocoa butter.

I've been using Nudge Boutique Cocoa and Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar for weeks now; morning and evenings dependant on my mood. It has felt kind and gentle on my skin. I have to be honest and say that sometimes I experience a little dryness immediately after cleansing but there could be a number of factors for me to feel this way. It's not unusual for me to experience this when using an emulsifying cleanser. As it's only an occasional issue then I am happy to continue using the product. It would not be recommended to do so if you felt this way after every cleanse.

You can say that overall the cleansing bar has been effective and enjoyable to use but for me it's the Nudge Boutique Fragrance Free Whipped Body Butter that has made a lasting impression. This body butter contains delicious ingredients perfect for dry skin like mine - Coconut Oil, Kokum butter, Murumuru butter, Shea butter and Cocoa Butter. There is no added fragrance so it's aroma comes naturally from all the ingredients but in particular coconut oil. I use a spatula to scoop the butter from the jar as it's not as soft as other butters I own but it will melt when in contact with warm skin. What I love most is this feels like a 'dry' body butter and by that I mean it doesn't feel overly greasy. The absorption rate on my skin leaves me feeling silky smooth without any lasting stickiness. This experience has been quite unique in comparison to other body butters. I really rate how it vanishes fairly quickly. I find the best time to use a body butter like this one is straight after a shower. I feel comfortable using Nudge whipped butter on all areas of my body and it keeps dry, flaky skin at bay for the entire day. 

On behalf of consumers with sensitive skin, I'd like to thank Nudge Boutique for offering fragrance free skincare. It's lovely to see this inclusion and consideration when formulating products. I recommend you check out Nudge Boutique and browse their entire store. 

Sarah x