My Favourite Things for Christmas Holidays

So this is kind of cheating but I do associate Christmas with colder weather and my skin behaves very different during winter compared to summer. I definitely use balms and oils more frequently at this time of year. 

Warm Drinks
I consume a large amount of hot chocolate, naturally it has to be dairy free which can be a struggle. I often will buy Alpro Soya Chocolate and pop it into the microwave for a couple of minutes for a quick treat.

Christmas Foods
For me, Christmas is Stollen & Lebkuchen/Pfeffernüsse
I have an Austrian Heritage and this is the stuff I grew up on :-)

My all time favourite Christmas movie is.......
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

What are your favourite things for the Christmas Holidays/Festive Season? 

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Disclaimer - 1st picture re: skincare this contains PR samples


  1. Yum yum, I love the chocolate soya milk. Hadn't ever through to just put that in the microwave before-doh! I'm using more oils this time of year too x

    1. you just have to watch out not to over heat as may taste a bit odd just couple of mins if the microwave is powerful (800w+).

  2. Mmm I drink loads of hot chocolate too. A bit too much really! I watched that film once and I'd never ever seen it before but it was so funny! x

    1. it's the silliest movie but I love all the crazy relatives that visit & it makes me chuckle with all the lights on the house :-)

  3. I do like the Alpro Choco drink. I find it hard to find a Stollen that is dairy free :-(

    1. Yes, I'm not aware of DF stollen but there are loads of vegan recipes out there is you like to bake :-)

  4. I keep walking past the Chocolate Soya milk and am yet to try it! :-) I might just now xx


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