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Dr Organic Pomegranate Face Cream Sugarpuffish Reviews
A few weeks back Holland & Barrett had a Buy One Get One Half Price offer so I took advantage of the deal. Dr Organic cream is available in Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Vitamin E, Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly and Otto Rose. Now I did not get to read the labels on all of them but I imagine they each cater towards different skin types and skin concerns. I love Manuka but it was not available so I picked Pomegranate.

I personally do not believe in Anti-Ageing products. I honestly think we should all embrace the wrinkles, it is part of life. The reason I say this is because the Dr Organic Pomegranate cream is marketed as Anti-Ageing. The packaging tells me this cream helps “reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote cell regeneration, boost collagen stability, reduces age spot formation”. At the end of the day, if this cream does as it claims then I shall not grumble but I am sceptical. I will report back to you when I am 70 and let you know how my wrinkles are doing.

The consistency of Dr Organic Pomegranate cream is perfect for me. It sinks into my skin easily, leaves it soft, smooth and free of dry patches. My makeup sits nicely on top and it hydrates throughout the day. A little goes a long way and I use it morning and night. If you prefer a dedicated night cream Dr Organic do have some in the range. The fragrance is pleasant, not sweet but a hint of sharpness which I do not object to. Best of all this retails for £8.19 for a 50ml jar. A bargain price and if I am wrinkle free in 10 years time it will be money well spent. The cherry on top is that the Dr Organic range is organic and free from paraben, sls, artificial colours, harsh chemicals, fragrance and preservatives. Dr Organic is against animal testing and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

Overall, this is most definitely 100% going to be a repurchase item for me. Dr Organic is fast becoming a beloved brand and I will continue to work my way through the entire range. Anyone else tried products from Dr Organic? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below.

Sarah x


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