Review Hurraw, Joik, Kinvara, Rossi Uvema

Hurraw, Joik, Kinvara, Rossi Uvema
(Gifted PR samples)

Rossi Uvema Rice Bran & Borage Seed Face Cleansing Oil
I discovered Rossi back in 2015 so I was already familiar with their range when I was looking for a new cleanser. Rossi Uvema cleansing oil is free from essential oils which is great as I don’t have to worry about the presence of linalool. The formulation is a blend of oils ideal for sensitive skin – rice bran, grapeseed, plum kernel, jojoba, borage seed and avocado. I’ve always been a fan of plum kernel as it gives a scent which reminds me of marzipan (yes I’m the person who enjoys eating their own body weight in marzipan fruits!). You'll know from reading my blog that I love oil cleansers, they rarely disappoint me and I knew I would enjoy this one from simply glancing at the ingredients. I think lighter oils are the perfect balance as they remove easily but hydrate without leaving greasy residue. My one criticism for this cleanser is with the packaging. I would prefer a pump as the spray cap can be a little messy unless I cup my hand close to it. Also I’ve always been informed that oils should be in dark glass bottles so you have to be mindful about storage. Final verdict....really like this one for simple ingredients and that delightful marzipan scent, would I replace? ....YES

Kinvara Skincare Eye Wow! Eye Serum
I rarely use eye products. It's partly due to laziness but I'm also prone to dermatitis and milia. I’m familiar with Kinvara as a brand from judging duties at for Free From Skincare Awards. I’m totally sitting on the fence with the Wow serum. I like the metal roller ball application as it gives a cooling sensation (which is pleasant when tired) but the formulation is super light. I have to hold the bottle upside down and give it a shake because at times it feels like the serum isn’t dispensing. My knowledge of eye creams is pretty poor so I don’t have much comparison. Final verdict.....overall it’s a pleasant product but I don’t quite get the Wow factor, would I replace.....NO

I’m terribly lazy when it comes to taking care of my feet so I thought a foot scrub might spur me on to do something about it. The Joik scrub is made from sea salt which is coarse but bearable on my feet. It’s full of oils so you have to be extremely careful as it made my bath tub slippery and I needed to wipe off the excess using a towel. Super soft feet were the end results and it was nice to have a little pamper session. Final verdict....only disappointment was I miss read the ingredients thinking this scrub was vegan but it contains beeswax.

This is not the first time I’ve tried a Hurraw balm, they are one of my favourite but I fancied adding a new flavour to my collection. Whilst it won’t replace a chocolate bar it does help lift my spirits when I’m trying not to give in to the demands of my sweet tooth. Hurraw balms are suitable for Vegans. Final it and have repurchased these balms many times!

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