Guest Review Elizabeth's Daughter Facial Cream Cleanser

Elizabeth's Daughter Facial Cream Cleanser
After the success I had with Elizabeth's Daughter Intensive Moisturiser, I decided to purchase the facial cream cleanser. I picked it up for £10 on Feelunique website. I used it a couple of times but felt it was not right for my skin. I could not put my finger on anything specific and I simply thought it would be better suited to a younger person (I am in my late 30's). Instead of banishing this to the back of the cupboard I put out a request on Twitter for a Guest Reviewer and Natalie from Bella Luna volunteered. Below is the review Natalie has written for me. She has been testing the cleanser for a decent amount of time as I sent her the product in May.

When the lovely Sarah mentioned that she needed someone to review a new cleanser aimed at younger skin I jumped at the chance, I may be in my twenties but my skin has always been quite young and plump (these days it seems to be going through a delayed puberty-I am not a fan). Anyway she sent me the Elizabeth’s Daughter facial cleanser a few weeks back and I have been using it daily since to get a nice idea of how it works.

The Spiel - A creamy facial cleanser to help leave skin clean, smooth and soft. Organic Kalahari Watermelon Seed Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins to help moisturise and protect young skin these combine with exotic Orchid Extract and Lady Thistle Oil, for their emollient and antioxidant properties. 

The product itself is quite a thick cream, it is completely unscented which although is good for your skin, I sort of see as a downside. I like a bit of scent in things I am smothering over my face, otherwise I feel a little bit like it isn't going to do anything... however this is my own quirk and probably the exact opposite to everyone else. But hey ho.

The instructions state to apply it to damp skin and use cotton pad to take it off, it is that simple. I altered this opting to dampen my skin with warm water (to open pores) apply the cream, then take off with either cotton pads or a muslin cloth depending on how much time I had, then rinsing with cold water to close my pores. It takes off my make up a treat but in addition to that I noticed when I used the cotton pads, it really got rid of any dirt or grime on my face beyond the make up (attractive I know). Unlike the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which did not agree with my skin at all, this product is completely sensitive and light on skin. No residue and it leaves it feeling incredibly clean- best way I can describe the feeling it leaves you with is natural. No irritation or tightness and no oily residues, just a genuinely clean face. Perfect for washing away the day.

I would say if you have problem skin this may not be for you, as it is so simple and isn’t going to address and specific issues, having said that it will suit most skin types just don't expect it to sort out your acne. If your skin is in good health and you just want a cleanser to get your make up off clean your face this may be just the ticket. This would be the perfect first cleanser if you are just starting to think about a skin care routine and don't know where to start-I wish I had known instead of using the horrific Clearasil wipes as a fresh faced teen (that stuff burns), although it is aimed at younger skin I see no real reason it wouldn’t work on older skin as well and at just £12.50 100ml, it is an absolute bargain. (FYI - Natalie has quoted the price direct from Elizabeth's Daughter website, I paid £10 via Feelunique)

Overall I would rate it 8.5/10 and the only reason it isn't higher is because my skin currently requires a more specialised product but the day it is back to its normal state I will be using this daily. Thank you Sarah for bringing this little treat to my attention.

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I would like to thank Natalie for taking time to review and write about this product. I purchased the product with my own money and gifted it to Natalie. If you dislike cream cleansers then Elizabeth's Daughter also have a gel cleanser.