Review: Love the Planet Washable Cleansing Pads

Love the Planet Washable Cleansing Pads
(gifted PR sample)

If you like to use cotton pads for facial cleansing, consider switching to organic cotton that way you will eliminate traces of harmful pesticides. However, there is another alternative to the disposable cotton pad. Love the Planet have been on my radar for some time and of course I have seen other bloggers mention the company. I recently accepted an offer to review their washable cleansing pads. The concept behind these is an eco friendly alternative to cotton wool. Personally, I use very few cotton pads because I favour muslin cloths but I know from watching beauty blogger videos that some people appear to go through packets per month.

Love The Planet cleansing pads are a nice size and are very soft. I have mainly been using them to remove my cleanser and clay mask. You can use them dry but I do dampen them in warm water. If you are not a fan of flannels or muslin cloths then these may be an ideal solution for you. The pack contains five pads and comes with a wash bag. I hung the wash bag in my bathroom and collected used pads over a few days, and then I simply threw the bag into the washing machine with my towels and they came out a good as new, no trace of makeup. 

Love the Planet also offer a skincare range which is free from. What do you think of reusable cleansing pads? Have you tried this product or any others from Love The Planet?

Sarah x