Review Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

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When my Antipodes Grace Cleanser came to an end, I was curious to see if there were similar natural brands out there marketing products specifically for sensitive skins. Trilogy Skincareis well known for their Rosehip products but I noticed they have a Very Gentle line so I bought the cleansing cream.

I honestly have enjoyed using this morning and evening. My skin looks fresh and soft after use and I have not experienced any irritation (remember to patch test). I apply to my face and remove with a damp muslin cloth. I am satisfied it removes my mineral foundation with ease. If I follow with toner and a cotton pad, it will have minimal traces of makeup on it. This cleanser is fragrance free so there are no added essential oils but it does have a very mild scent from the ingredients. In terms of consistency, it reminds me of the Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. It does contains some nice ingredients - camellia, avocado, almond, evening primrose and green tea - all of which are ideal for those prone to reactions. 

I think Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing cream is a nice product. Would I buy it again? I am sitting on the fence mainly because of the fragrance or lack of it, this one can feel a little bland at times. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes fragrance plays an important part in my well being. Of course I understand that not everyone can tolerate essential oils which is why this product is ideal for that purpose. Trilogy Very Gentle cleanser is on a par with Pai and Antipodes, they are almost identical in terms of how they look, what they offer to the consumer, value for money and performance. 

If you like a complimentary skincare routine the range also includes a Calming Fluid and Moisturising Cream. 

Have you tried this cleanser or any other Trilogy products?

Sarah x