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Vegusto - Vegan Cheese Alternatives

I took up a promotional offer from Vegusto. In case you are not familiar with the brand it is Vegan/Vegetarian and suitable for people who are dairy intolerant, following a low cholesterol diet, gluten intolerant, low fat diets and kosher or halal diets.

I had previously tasted some of their products at the Free From & Allergy Show but to be honest I was not impressed. I always hear praise for their dairy free cheese so I thought I would have another try in the comfort of my own kitchen. 

I bought the Starter Pack (£10 for new customers) which contained
  • No Moo Melty Cheese Alternative 200g x 1
  • Mushroom Burgers 70g x 2
  • Mild Aromatic Cheese Alternative 90g x 1
  • Piquant Cheese Alternative 90g x 1
  • Farmhouse Sausage 115g x 1
My favourites from the pack were the Mild Aromatic Cheese and No Moo Melty. I felt the mushroom burgers and sausage were average and the Piquant cheese was not to my taste. No Moo Melty has been lovely to use on pizza and in sandwich toasties. It has a very mild, creamy flavour and it is by far the best dairy free cheese I have discovered for melting. The mild aromatic is very enjoyable on crackers, something which I have missed over the years.

The downside for me is availability and price. Postage for online orders is understandably expensive because these are perishable goods that need a speedy service. My local health food store is a stockist but it is hit and miss as to what will be on the shelves. Vegusto is double the price of other dairy free cheeses (Sheese, Tofutti and Cheezly) which I buy regularly. Although my non-dairy free friends have told me that dairy cheese is a similar price to Vegusto so I should stop complaining :-)

I recommend the starter pack if you are curious about Vegusto. I could certainly be persuaded to buy No Moo Melty again but I would consider it a treat rather than a regular purchase.

Have you tried Vegusto cheeses or any other product from their range? 


  1. I can highly recommend the No Muh walnut 'cheese'. Yes it is expensive so I view it as a treat swap for a bottle of wine :) but totally worth it if you really need a cheesy fix and are allergic (like me) to all forms of dairy

    1. thanks for the suggestion of the walnut version sounds interesting :)

  2. I absolutely looove Vegusto cheeses and their farmhouse sausage. I consider their products gourmet in the vegan world and high quality so I don't mind the price. Their website does have a very large range to choose from and they provide a very good next day delivery service. For me the mild aromatic and melty are my favourites and the piquant is also very nice. As far as other vegan cheese compare Vegusto are head and shoulders above and as close as can be if not better than dairy cheese.

    1. the farmhouse sausage didn't float my boat but at end of day everyone's taste buds are different :)