Review Deep Steep Hand Cream Passion fruit & Guava

Surprise surprise another Deep Steep product to review. Do you think by the end of 2014 I will have tried all their product range? It may astonish you that I have barely touched the surface. Also, I’d like to add a disclaimer to this post, a number of bloggers have developed DSA (Deep Steep Addiction) from reading my blog so you have been warned.

Hand cream is something I rarely use during summer but during the winter I cannot be without it otherwise my hands shrivel up like prunes and I start getting eczema. I was curious, could Deep Steep hand cream compete with my long time favourite Dr Organic Manuka hand cream?

As you should know by now, Deep Steep has a wide range of fragrance options for their products. I chose passion fruit guava as I had previously used the foaming hand wash in this scent. It’s fruity and overpowering but I do adore it. I had slight apprehension because strong fragrances sometimes irritate my delicate hands but so far so good.

The cream contains shea butter, aloe vera and olive oil which are great for soothing and hydrating the skin. I think it has a nice consistency, not too thick and easily massaged across the skin. I am a bit undecided about greasiness. There are some days where it does not bother me but other days when I feel it is better used overnight, for that reason this one remains on my bedside table rather than with me at work. 

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Sarah x