Review Saint Maren Lavender Peppermint Artisan Soap

Review Saint Maren Lavender Peppermint Artisan Soap
I found another little gem of a website, have any of you heard of Saint Maren? I decided to buy and I’m currently testing a Lavender & Peppermint liquid soap. Since I wanted to give you all a heads up about this company I made contact and asked for some background information. Here is what Denise wrote and told me about her company.

I started Saint Maren in 2011. I've always loved traditional crafts - mostly textiles, e.g. weaving, knitting and crocheting, and my family was always interested in growing and making our own so it was just a way of life for me. I took up soap making completely by chance. It was New Year and rather than punish myself with resolutions, I decided to learn a new skill. I was given a handmade soap by my sister and the two ideas gelled. Since then, it's become an obsession! We've grown very slowly and in response to what our customers ask for across the market stall. I'll only use plant oils and butters and tend to use a lot of jojoba oil because I love its gentle effectiveness. I won't use fragrance oils either. I just don't feel they're necessary and I really want my customers to retrain their noses to appreciate more subtle natural scents. I love the soulfulness of natural handmade products and I hope that's what comes across in Saint Maren. 

As for sensitive skin, I'm very honest about our products and I'm always careful to point out that if you've really sensitive skin, you'll want to do a patch test as even natural products can cause reactions. I do get a lot of feedback from people with sensitive skin who say that my soaps work for them. Psoriasis sufferers tend to like the Fuzzy Peg soap and the goats milk Lavender & Honey is a good choice too. My face oil, Comfort Blanket, came about because of customer requests. It has a fan club here now and I'm very proud of it. A lot of customers swear that it makes a visible difference to their skin. I just think that properly nourishing and moisturising our dehydrated skin shows through and sets your skin off to its best advantage. 

I have only had my soap for a short amount of time but first impressions are good. The aroma blend is soft and delicate which I find simply delightful. I’m fed up of overpowering scents. My one criticism is I wish full ingredients were listed on the website, it is important for customers to have this information at their finger tips. 

Go have a browse at the website for Saint Maren, I know many of you will probably like the look of the products. If you do make a cheeky purchase, report back as I would love to hear what made you part with your pocket money.

Sarah x

Disclaimer – to the best of my knowledge this is a free from & natural brand but I haven’t been able to see all product ingredients so can only judge according to the purchase I made.