15 Unscented Vegan Soaps For Sensitive Skin

unscented vegan soaps for sensitive skin
Long time readers will know that I have to avoid linalool, it's a naturally occurring allergen found in essential oils. These days I'm mindful of my plastic waste so I've been introducing solid soap bars into our home. It's not easy to find fragrance free products, especially those that are truly unscented. When pitching to brands I'm often presented with claims of fragrance free but products are full of essential oils. The language we are using is interpreted in different ways as many are more likely referring to not adding artificial perfumes/fragrances.

I've decided to compile a list of brands with at least one or more soaps that are unscented and free from fragrance allergens. My other focus is suitability for vegans. I hope that you will find this helpful and who knows you may find a new soap that you adore. Even if you're not interest in unscented products soaps do check out these companies as they also have fragranced options.

Beam Naked Unscented - made with coconut, olive, castor oils and kaolin clay

Isle Soap Naked & Oatmeal - two great options available

Lily & Rabbit Coconut - I recently reviewed this one, it's made from coconut oil and coconut milk

Lucky Cloud Clean & Pure Soap Bar - Made with certified organic ingredients including shea butter, sunflower seed and castor oils this soap is rich and creamy

Nathalie Bond Gentle Unscented - like many others it's made from coconut, olive oil and shea butter

Odylique Olive Soap Bar - made from hydrating extra virgin olive oil and moisturising cocoa bean butter, suitable for delicate skin types. Get 20% off your order using my affiliate code SUGARPUFFISH

Organii Neutral Cream Soap Bar - plant based, organic ingredients in a mild formula specifically for those with sensitive and allergy prone skin

Pure Thoughts Olive & Castor - contains nourishing oils and butters including olive, shea and coconut.

Soap Daze Oatmylk Unscented - a base of coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil, with Oatmylk instead of water to add creaminess

Soap Folk Calendula - an olive oil based soap with calendula flowers

The Kentish Soap Co Naked & Oatmeal - another company with two unscented options

The Wrinkly Elephant Simply Natural Unscented and Natural Oats - great to see two unscented options, both made with Shea Butter from Ghana harvested by a women's cooperative.

Wild Sage and Co Pure Olive Oil - this soap contains only olive oil and water, that's quite an interesting formulation. They also have Mama & Baby soap which has a chamomile and calendula infusion (no essential oils)

Sarah x