Review Green People Scent Free Everyday Hand Cream

Green People Scent Free Hand Cream
I don't know about you but a huge bottle of hand cream is exactly what is needed at the moment. Constant hand washing and sanitising has taken its toll on my delicate skin so I want a lotion that absorbs quickly and instantly hydrates.

Green People is a brand I have trusted for many years. They are reliable, good quality and offer fragrance free options. The Green People Everyday Hand Cream is a whopping 300ml bottle so that works out great to share around your household or provides a plentiful supply if you're the only one using it. The simple white packaging looks elegant in the bathroom, bedroom or office. The pump generally works well but sometimes needs unclogging otherwise it will fly across the room. To be fair I'm sure most of us have experienced of this with pump dispensers, I find it a common problem with my products.

Green People highlight the following key points on their website -
Vegan, scent-free and suitable for all the family
Ultra-gentle on sensitive skin of all ages, with no synthetic fragrance
Naturally abundant in the Omega-3&6 fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin
Leaves hands nourished, soft and protected against dryness

So what do I think? Green People Everyday Hand Cream has a light lotion feel but it still manages to hydrate my skin. This cream sinks in quickly which suits me as I don't enjoy applying greasy thick creams during the day. It's nice to be able to get on with daily tasks and not have to wave my hands around waiting for absorption. 

There is a matching Scent Free Everyday Hand Wash which is on my 'to try' list for the future. You can purchase these products individually or as a set. Overall, I believe Green People Scent Free Everyday Hand Cream is the perfect staple skincare product to have in your home. 

If you'd like more information for the Green People Scent Free Everyday Hand Cream or any other products, then I recommend checking out their website -

Sarah x