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Review: Tiddley Pom Organic Baby Wash

tiddley pom baby wash
Just recently it's been battle of the baby washes in my bathroom. Over the last few months, my sensitive skin had a hissy fit so I have been seeking out gentle products and looking at natural ranges aimed at babies. I had been using Dr Bronner's Baby Mild Bar Soap but I wanted to switch it up as I like the convenience of a liquid soap.

I knew of Tiddley Pom because they entered the Free From Skincare Awards in a category which I judged. The range includes body wash, lotion, nappy balm, massage oil, baby massage DVD and spa music CDs. The products are designed to complement each other and provide a step by step baby spa experience.

The baby wash contains lavender and chamomile, two of my favourite ingredients. It has a lovely delicate aroma. Full ingredients are available on the website. The lotion and wash do contain Phenoxyethanol should that be a concern for you.  The body wash has a good liquid consistency which easily squirts from the pump. I mention this because I have encountered other shower gels which are gloopy and hard to pump from the bottle. It also lathers perfectly on a shower puff. I have enjoyed using this product and would happily repurchase. My one criticism is I dislike the phrase "free from harmful chemicals" which is printed on the packaging. I think companies need to step away from using these words. At what point do we classify an ingredient as harmful? What I regard as dangerous may be regarded as safe by another person. For example, some people strongly believe Phenoxyethanol is harmful and so I do not feel the phrasing is appropriate.

Tiddley Pom offer bundle packages so if you are looking for a present for an expectant mum, I would certainly recommend browsing their website. Products are also available in Boots, Debenhams, Harrods and Whole Foods. The baby wash retails for £9.99. Have you heard of Tiddley Pom and purchased any of their products? 

Sarah x