Review Lavera Colour & Shine Shampoo

Lavera Colour & Shine Shampoo
Crisis time hit the Sugarpuffish household everywhere was out of stock of Odylique Gentle Herb shampoo. I am not a “no poo” girl so needed something to wash my hair and quickly so I ended up buying Lavera Colour & Shine Shampoo from a local store. Way back before blogging I did buy this shampoo (and matching conditioner) on a semi regular basis. Since the bottle said “new” I thought I would see some improvements in formulation. I have mentioned before I class Lavera as a budget brand and products are free from a number of ingredients which I believe are best avoided. However, there are ingredients which may not be acceptable to some people, for instance, this does contain Sodium Coco Sulfate (derived from coconuts but similar to SLS).

Lavera Colour & Shine Shampoo is a clear liquid, slightly on the runny side but not unmanageable like Deep Steep Shampoo. The scent is sweet and the ingredients list parfum derived from essential oils. I will say that it does frustrate me not to knowing what those oils are. I am not overly impressed with performance on my hair. It does the job, washes out easily, does not seem to leave any residue but I do not get the sleekness I can achieve with Odylique. It’s a minor fault and one that can be overcome with styling but none the less I find it frustrating. I can not comment on how my colour holds up because these days I find my greys come through at the same rate no matter what shampoo I use. After the first few uses Mr Sugarpuffish did say my hair was looking nice which was an out of the blue comment for him so perhaps the Lavera shampoo was doing something I was not noticing?

Overall, for £5.99 this Lavera shampoo is okay but it does not blow me away. I am still using it up by rotating with my Odylique (so glad to have it again that was a stressful absence). Would I repurchase? maybe in an emergency situation as I can buy locally.

Sarah x

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