My Story - The Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Shopping Plus Size

I decided that I wanted to keep the specific details of my Wedding off my blog. I'm of the mind set that some things should just remain private. There have been little hints to my plans and today I wanted to share an insight into my experience of dress shopping. I decided to write this piece after hours of watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and finally realising that the fairytale doesn't always live up to expectations but I'm okay with that.

Mr Sugarpuffish and I have been together for 10 years so we decided not to have a long engagement and we organised a wedding in a shorter time than you'd usual expect. It's a small event so organising hasn't been too overwhelming but dress shopping almost pushed me over the edge!

I was fighting against my feelings. I wanted a wedding dress but I was battling those inner demons of weight alongside not being comfortable in feminine dresses. I am not in denial about being a plus size but I soon realised the world of wedding dresses is alienating to larger ladies. I ended up doing a bit of research and luck would have it I had a couple of bridal shops within easy reach that stocked plus size designers. It made sense to seek them out because it was totally humiliating, picking a beautiful dress, standing semi naked in front of a stranger and realising that the sample dress is not going past your knees!

Despite some pressure from family I wasn't about to go on a crash diet. Mr Sugarpuffish met me at the size I am and loves me. I'm not about to go changing myself just because it's expected of me. If you're a bride who wants to lose two dress sizes before the big day then good on you for doing it. I for one am sick of the pressure. Of course I want to look my best, I have made better food choices, I have beaten myself up over a bar of chocolate but then I came back down to earth. I am who I am and I like food and hate exercise.

Who I took with me to my appointments was really important. Those who are closest to me, understand my body concerns and give me confidence when most needed. I struggled seeing myself in a dress but when my sister and best friend demanded I order the dress straight away, that gave me the boost I needed.

My wedding dress has currently taken over my wardrobe but the next stage is alterations so I'm looking forward to having the dress fit me correctly. It will make all the difference to how I see myself and I can't wait to wear it on my big day.

Sarah x


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