Review Skin & Tonic London Inner Glow Face Oil (formally known as Naked Beauty Oil)

Review Skin & Tonic London Naked Beauty Oil
(Gifted PR sample)

2021 Update: Skin & Tonic have rebranded, this product has been replaced by Inner Glow Face Oil

I have a new love in my life. I’m a facial oil addict and whilst I review many awesome brands occasionally there is one that just outshines all the others. Skin & Tonic Naked Beauty oil has spoken to me because it’s packed full of my favourite ingredients and is UNSCENTED - Hallelujah praise the facial oil gods!

My collection of facial oils grew rapidly in recent months and they are all beautiful products but the curse of the linalool struck again. Here I am under two months from my wedding with a dermatitis flare up. Everyone likes to tell me its stress which of course is a contributing factor to my eczema but these flare ups do seem to coincidentally occur when I am switching out products with linalool.

So what makes this Skin & Tonic Naked Beauty oil special to me? Rosehip and Apricot Kernel oils are top of my favourite ingredient list. They seem to work so well for my skin type. Add to this raspberry seed and pumpkin seed and I feel like we have a winning combination. In the Winter I ditched my moisturising creams and use oils morning and evening. I never find the Naked Beauty oil too greasy or heavy and it works for me under my mineral powder foundation.

For me, the Skin & Tonic Naked Beauty oil ranks top of my list alongside my beloved Odylique Superfruit Concentrate. When you reach the point that you worry about how quickly you are getting through the bottle and panic about reaching the last drop, that to me is a good indication that you've found your true love.

Sarah x


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