Review: Kate Logan Beauty Chamomile Cleansing Oil, Manuka Skin Tonic, Borage and Calendula Skin Balm

Review Kate Logan Beauty Chamomile Cleansing Oil, Manuka Skin Tonic, Borage and Calendula Skin Balm
Kate Logan Beauty came recommended by Annie (Hello Purple Clouds). I decided to place an order for the Chamomile Cleansing Oil for sensitive skin. I shop anonymously as I like to have a true customer experience and with this order I chased twice before receiving it. Kate was prompt replying to emails and did compensate me with additional products.

To be honest I’m not a fan of the website, it’s cluttered with information which some might find helpful but I prefer streamlined layouts. My first priority on any website is a clear list of full ingredients (as they would appear on a label), if I can see this then I can chose to ignore the rest but on this site the ingredients are wordy and not laid out in a manner which I find pleasing on the eye. Kate Logan Beauty offers a bespoke service but I think it gets lost in the website layout.

Product ingredients are not listed on the bottles and they are provided separately. I asked for clarity on this and was informed it’s easier to provide them in this format to accommodate the bespoke service being offered, this does makes sense and doesn’t break any cosmetic regulations. Downside to this is if you ever want to refer back guaranteed you’ll not find that slip of paper again! Also I have to say I find the font on the little ingredient leaflet is far too small even for me. I also note the INCI is a not quite right on a few ingredients; no major concerns just floral water should be listed as such on the toner. My final observation with packaging would be I prefer pipettes for oils and sprays for toners.

So let us move on to the products and share my thoughts. The Chamomile Cleansing Oil is a good product with a blend of Musk Mallow, Marshmallow Root, Elderflower, Blueberry Seed and of course Chamomile. I enjoy using cleansing oils and this is no exception. The blend is a little different to others I have tried so it’s always nice to find a brand that stands out in this way. As I mentioned I was compensated for the mistake with my order and I received the Manuka Skin Tonic and Borage & Calendula balm. Again two products which are pleasant to use and as you know I’m a huge fan of Manuka floral water (usually I buy from Gerlinde Naturals). Kate Logan’s Manuka toner blend is a little different with the addition of chamomile, rose otto and liquorice root. The Borage & Calendula balm can be used to moisturise and cleanse so ideal for those with dry skin. It melts easily with contact on warm skin so works adequately for both purposes.

I have no complaints about the products and I’m sure many of my readers would enjoy them. The bespoke service is ideal for customers with allergies and finding brands that cater to individual needs is refreshing. My criticisms do not prevent enjoyment of using Kate Logan Beauty products, I simply feel there is room for improvement. This is a good brand that could be great. 

Sarah x