Review Organii Intensive Organic Soothing Cream and Face and Body Oil

Review Organii Intensive Organic Soothing Cream & Face and Body Oil
If you’re not familiar with Organii they are an affordable organic vegan brand with top to toe products suitable for all the family. They recently launched Organii Intensive Organic Soothing Cream and Organii Intensive Organic Face and Body Oil, both are intended for very dry and sensitive skin and may be suitable for those prone to eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.

I've an interesting fact for you if you are a natural skincare nerd like me. If you know Gentle Green Soothing Cream then I can tell you that they have partnered with Organii so it's the same formulation just under a different name. I was already familiar with the popularity of Gentle Green through judging on the Free From Skincare Awards, in 2013 they won Gold in the Problem Skin category. Sadly, I’m not going to be able to review the Intensive Organic Soothing Cream as it does list linalool in the ingredients so I’ve pass it on to a friend who has psoriasis. I’m intrigued to see how they get on with it and initially they have been positive about the product. 

The Intensive Organic Face and Body Oil is free from essential oils which means I don't have to concern myself with those allergens. The blend of ingredients is sunflower, rosehip, nettle leaf, chickweed and ribwort plantain leaf, the latter is one I’m not familiar with. Rosehip is an ingredient that I find works well for my skin and one that I always look for in skincare. This Organii oil has a rich orange colour and easily sinks into my dry skin. It's a good all rounder which you can use across the whole body. I think affordability of products when it comes to eczema is very important as it can be a demanding skin condition so my only criticism with this body oil would be the price point. 

As I mentioned at the start, Organii is worth considering for the entire family and so I am more than happy to recommend them to readers. Have you used any Organii products? Do you have a favourite?

Sarah x

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