Review Mallow + White Soothe Cleansing Oil and Dr. Botanicals Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser

Mallow + White Soothe Cleansing Oil and Dr. Botanicals Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser Love Lula
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Before I jump in, I just wanted to follow up a suggestion that my reviews included ingredient lists. As someone who double checks ingredients daily I understand why readers might like to see this information but I have refrained over the years because formulations can change. At this point I have 1000+ published articles so imagine the leg work for researching and editing to make sure I have up to date information. If it helps to put your mind at ease I will only work with brands and retailers that list FULL ingredients on their websites. This ensures you can research them beyond my site to check suitability. My cosmetic allergens are linalool and MI. Post diagnosis in January 2015, the skincare products I have written about should be free from linalool. There are exceptions but at this point almost 90% of what I use on my skin is fragrance free, the rest may contain perfume or one of the other fragrance allergens that isn't linalool. It's worth noting there are 26 fragrance allergens which if applicable to a formulation are required to be listed on packaging.

I hope this clarifies the situation but if you are ever in doubt about ingredients ping me a tweet or email but for now lets proceed with this review

I'd had my eye on Dr. Botanicals Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Moisturiser (30ml) for some time. This is a brand that caught my attention for its suitability for Vegans. With the extreme warm weather I had been on the look out for a lighter cream and this one ticks that box. In terms of ingredients there is almond oil, shea butter, jojoba, cocoa butter and a couple of unusual ones like Crambe Abyssinian Oil and Echium Plantagineum Seed Oil. It may interest those that are ingredient savvy to see Kale (Brassica Oleracea Acephala Leaf Extract) far down on the ingredient list. I personally would question why it isn't higher up. I finished this moisturiser and returned to an old favourite. I'm happy to suggest you try it but it isn't for me in the long run. I would like to explore the rest of Dr Botanicals product range.

Mallow + White Soothe unfragranced cleansing oil has featured on my site before now. It's no surprise that I adore this product as much as the Soothe Balm. This cleansing oil is light and delicate but it certainly works extremely well at removing daily grime. The cucumber aroma is delightful in this hot summer weather as it gives an air of freshness. Mallow + White's ethos is to use six ingredients or less and whilst that sounds simple enough it makes for an interesting formulation. With all the botanical ingredients available it takes skill to select only a handful. Alongside the Cucumber see oil there is Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot kernel oil and Jojoba oil, these are ingredients that work well for sensitive skin. The absence of essential oils reduces the risk of reactions. I honestly can't fault and highly recommend to everyone.

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Sarah x