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15 April 2017

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I think I fell out of love for makeup in my 20s. It was a time when I was backpacking and it was no longer important to me. I'd never really worn a great deal in my teens as the mainstream brands often triggered irritation and it was a time when I became conscious of animal testing. Even to this day I'm not wearing makeup on a daily basis, I reserve it for weekends and special occasions. I have managed to build up a little collection of lipsticks over the past year and a half. These are natural brands, free from carmine but two of them contain beeswax. I thought you might enjoy taking a look into my makeup bag so I hope this would be of interest.

Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipstick - High Tea
The newest to my collection and I am loving it. The colour pigmentation is bright but a sheer wash across the lips still gives good pay off. Very comfortable on my skin and I don't feel like I am wearing any product which is brilliant because I am very fussy.

As you can see from the swatch I would liken this to a tinted balm. It doesn't have much pigmentation but just perks up the natural colour of my lips. Very easy to wear on a daily basis and ideal for someone like me that wears minimal makeup.
Natural Cosmetics Green Beauty Makeup Lipsticks Swatches
A recent launch from Green People and it's being raved about across the bloggersphere but if I'm totally honest I'm not completely sold on it. I don't think the colour suits me and as you can see from the swatches I definitely favour pinks. My lips are naturally a pink tone and I think that might also be the problem, this one is too coral/orange for me to be a true nude. I will also say that I feel as if the Green People formulation doesn't sit well on my skin and it makes no difference using a balm underneath. I'm clearly the odd one out as everyone else is loving it so don't let me put you off.

I love this colour, it's the one I wore on my wedding day. I feel this really compliments my natural skin tone and it's easy for me to wear. The formulation is smooth and feels comfortable on my lips which is very important because I find many lip products drying with continual use. Love this and it will forever have sentimental value to me.

By the way I can never get a lipstick to stay put for any great length of time, it's just me and my skin so I don't bother mentioning it in reviews. Do you have a favourite natural brand of pink lipstick? Do share them as I would love to find more.

Sarah x

10 February 2015

Natural and Organic Skincare Suitable for Vegans
Following on from my last post, I am often approached by readers looking for natural and organic skincare which is also suitable for Vegans. It's not easy to fit this need especially with the popularity of beeswax and honey but there are options available. The way I see it, a consumer has two choices, either only buy from brands you know are Vegan and/or have the Vegan Trademark or from those who have suitable items in their range but do use animal derived ingredients in other products. This is of course an entirely personal choice.

In regards to my lists below, there may be many more suitable brands out there but bear in mind that my choices meet my "green" ingredient standards.

Vegan Trademark or 100% Vegan 
Crazy Rumors 
Deep Steep 
Faith in Nature 
Gaia Creams 
Gerlinde Naturals 
Heavenly Organics 
Natural Wisdom 
Orchard View Naturals 
PHB Ethical Beauty 

Brands with suitable Vegan products but use honey or beeswax in some items
Bathing Beauty
Conscious Skincare (vegetarian society approved, some products vegan friendly)
Dr Bronner's (except for Lip Balms & Body Balms)
Fushi (All products are suitable for vegetarians and over 85% are suitable for Vegans)
Handmade Naturals (products are vegan but excludes lip balm & external stock) 
Lulu & Boo (The majority of product range is registered as vegan by the Vegan Society)
Pure Thoughts

These are all skincare companies but some do sell cosmetics. I previously blogged about carmine free makeup brands. If you have any further suggestions which are not on the list, please let me know so we can explore more options.

Sarah x


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