31 May 2016

ten 10 summer holiday essentials vacation
I am looking forward to my Summer holiday and whilst chatting about it with Amber of Amber's Beauty Talk, we decided to write a collab piece on our summer holiday essentials. Here are my ten picks for your suitcase this summer.

1. Suncream
We all know the importance of using SPF but in the past I have found some natural formulations too heavy or sticky and ended up with prickly heat rash. Saying that I have found over the years natural SPF formulations are improving and I often use Lavera

2. Lip Balm
Sometimes we forget to protect the smaller areas of our bodies like mouth, ears and bottom of our feet. The latter are worth protecting when dangling them over the edge of a boat on a sailing trip. For lips I’d suggest Hurraw Sun Lip Balm which is vegan and uses non nano zinc oxide for sun protection. 

3. Hair care
Sunshine, swimming pools and the beach can often have a negative effect on my hair so I like to protect my colour and limit the frizz. I find hair oil is a great way to add softness and moisture. I’m currently loving Evolve Nourishing Hair Elixir which is available in two sizes – 30 ml & 10ml – the smaller size is handy for travel and airport security. 

4. Skincare - Facial
Tinted moisturisers are great for summer days and warm evenings. There are plenty of natural and organic options with or without SPF. I like the Madara Moon Flower Tinted Fluid but if you want a product with SPF then I know the Green People Age Defy SPF15 DD Tinted Moisturiser is popular. 

5. Skincare – Body
If you have spent time in the sun your skin should receive some extra pampering and an aftersun product is essential. Your favourite body butter or lotion is a great place to start but if you have caught the sun and need soothing then the old faithful aloe vera is a must have. You might like to try Sukin Aloe Vera Gel.

6. Travel stress
Some of us find travelling stressful and at times like this I rely on aromatherapy products. I am never without my Bloom Remedies Serenity Slumber Pillow Mist which also comes in a pulse point roll on which is pocket/purse friendly. Check out the Bloom Remedies Wellness Therapy range which also includes Peaceful Mind, Clear Vitality and Deep Release.

7. Insect repellent 
Exotic locations might mean you have to protect yourself against pesky little biters. Try Odylique Mosimix a body oil with a lemony aroma or Intelligent Nutrients Bug Repellent Serum.

8. Nails
I don’t know about you but flip flops need some glamorous toes to shimmer and sparkle at the pool. Little Ondine is a firm favourite. I love the fact that you can change up your look quickly because these polishes simply peel off (also one less product to carry as you don’t need nail polish remover). Use my *code ASC10 to receive 10% discount on orders.

9. Wet Wipes
I always have a pack of wet wipes to hand. They are great for sticky fingers and freshening up at the beach. I discovered the Yes To range on my last trip when I grabbed a travel pack in the airport. Even though these are facial cleansing wipes I have used to clean my hands. Yes To’s ingredients were a better choice in a Boots store when compared to other brands available.

10. Hair removal
If you are someone who opts to shave rather than wax then Bathing Beauty And Personal Ladies Shave Oil contains calendula and hypericum to calm and soothe the skin when shaving. For the men there is the Up Close shave oil. 

Sarah x

10 April 2013

Tisserand is a brand I dip in and out of from time to time. I tried their hand cream a while back but admit I haven't been loyal to it because there are many others competing for my attention. I do think the hand cream is great and it's always on my recommendation list. 

You may have seen in my haul video that I mentioned buying Head Clear at Tesco. This product is a blend of essential oils which are ideal for head tension. The 10ml bottle is an ideal size for pockets and handbags. The roller ball is great for targeted application without mess. Head Clear has a lovely mint fragrance which uplift and clears the senses. I cannot guarantee miracles but I do like applying to pulse points when I'm having a stressful day at the office. It doesn't necessarily clear my headache but it relaxes and refreshes my spirit which I think makes me feel less fuzzy headed.

If you like aromatherapy treatments then do have a look at Tisserand. Products are free from some undesirable ingredients and Vegan Society approved.

Head Clear Ingredients - Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, menthe piperita (white mint) oilm, menthe piperita (mint) absolute, lavandla angustifolia (lavender) oil, citrus medica limonium (lemon) peel oil, citrus aurantifolia (lime)peel oil, origanium majorana (marjoram) oil, picea mariana (black spruce) oil, cymbopogon citrates (lemongrass) oil, anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower oil, tocopherol, linalool*, limonene*, geraniol*, citral*.

The roller balls are priced at £5.50 and available in Head Clear, Focus, Travel, Menthol Breathe, Energy, De-Stress, Diet Aid and Sweet Dreams. Have you tried any products from Tisserand? What would you recommend?

Sarah x


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