Dairy Free Treats - Chocolate, Cookies, Pesto

I haven't written a Free From Food post in a little while so I thought I would share new discoveries with you today.

The Allergy Free Cookbook was a gift for my Sister's birthday. I found it in Marks & Spencer. It looked very good as each recipe gave you options for adapting to different allergies. 

I thought I would give this Zest Vegan Basil Pesto a try. I've never eaten pesto because it is not usually dairy free.  Pictured below are a few other treats I picked up a my local health food store - tofu, Vegusto slices, raw chocolate mousse, nakd bar, vegan coconut bar, vegan cocktail sausages

Beyond Dark chocolate is dairy free. I have previously tried the plain version but these have a hint of raspberry. 

My Tesco is now selling Trek flapjacks, this coconut one is delicious.

My friend recently visited the USA and bought me some Oreo cookies. A while back I wrote a blog post about the US ones being milk free. In the picture I was experimenting adding them to a milk shake along with my Mum's homemade dairy free coconut ice cream.

I found McVities Mini Gingerbread Men via a mention on Twitter. These are vegetarian, contain gluten but may contain nuts, milk & soya.

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  1. I shouldn't read your posts about food, they always make me hungry. I now want an oreo milkshake. x


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