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19 June 2022

Review Sukin Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque
(this item was purchased)

Anyone who experiences sensitivity or allergies probably lives with a constant fear about products being discontinued. You spend ages finding the perfect skincare, become a brand loyal customer and then one day you can no longer get hold of that product you love so much. This happened to me over the course of several months as A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner seemed to be unavailable in every reputable stockist and I was almost in tears.

You see, it wasn't until Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo came into my life that my journey with haircare became less of a nightmare. I continued using various conditioners until years later when I was diagnosed with a sensitivity to linalool. I had to go back to the drawing board. Over time I found conditioners that work until they changed formulations and in 2020 I went back to using Akin on a full time basis.

So this long winded story is to set the scene and tell you that with all the trials and tribulations that followed not having Akin in my life, I've experienced the most annoying itchy scalp. Randomly it tends to be located to one side of my scalp and I don't know if it was brought on by trialling products, stress or eczema. Nothing felt like it was working and after searching online for many hours trying to locate a possible treatment I purchased Sukin Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque.

"Our calming Sensitive Scalp Masque helps gently soothe dry scalps and reduce the appearance of dry flakes with Chamomile Extract & Maize Complex. Whilst Argan, Coconut & Avocado Oils deliver essential moisture to the scalp."

Sukin Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque can be used in two ways, either apply to scalp pre-wash (leave for 1 minute & rinse) or after washing (leave for 1 minute & rinse). I've tried both methods and I don't really have a preference both work adequately. In terms of performance it seems to soothe the itch to an extent either that or it's a placebo effect. I get a decent level of relief between washes which reduces my desire to scratch but long term I don't have a "cure" as the issue does eventually return. If you are looking for a masque treatment to improve overall hair health then this is not the one  for you as it is solely intended to be massaged directly onto the scalp and you don't apply through the lengths.

Overall I've been super happy with using Sukin Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque. Hopefully one day I'll figure out the trigger to my itchy scalp but in the meantime this scalp masque helps gives me a break from the problem. I purchased Sukin Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque online for a very reasonable £8.95, that's one of the things I like about Sukin, they fit into my budget constraints. Sukin Scalp Masque comes recommended by me not only because it's a good product but Sukin are a vegan brand, Australian made, cruelty free, use natural ingredients and care about the environment. 

Sarah x

22 May 2022

Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleanser
(I purchased this product)

I've known Boo Cottage Botanicals for a little while as I encountered them while judging for the Free From Skincare Awards. The other year they successfully medalled. Whilst on the hunt for a new cleanser, I was browsing lots of brands but was drawn back towards them. I hadn't realised that their Chamomile Cleanser was a balm to milk formulation otherwise I definitely would have ordered sooner. I'm writing this review having just ordered my second jar so that has got to be a good indication of how much I like it.

Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleaner is suitable for vegans and free from essential oil allergens. The formulation is made with mango butter, castor oil, kaolin clay, coconut oil and of course chamomile. I'm hooked on the texture. It's the softest, most buttery balm I have encountered in a very long time and is an absolute pleasure to massage onto your skin. As I previously mentioned, Boo Cottage cleanser is a balm to milk formulation and can easily be removed with water. If you have ever felt that oils or balms leave the sensation of a greasy film then these types of cleansers are the best solution. After cleansing I honestly feel like I've been left with silky, clean skin but never have the feeling that I can't remove all the produce from my face. You can visibly see how it cleanses daily makeup and grime especially if you use a white flannel or cloth to aid removal. 

Boo Cottage has a small business feel about it. The amber glass jar can be recycled or repurposed and the aluminium lid is also recyclable. If you are cutting back on plastics then Boo Cottage is a company that can support you in your efforts. As you'd expect the chamomile cleanser is just one of many products available. For those with sensitive skin, check out the dedicated section on their website which includes balms, soaps, face oils and haircare. 

I'm more than happy to give Boo Cottage Botanicals Chamomile Cleaner my honest recommendation and I would encourage you to check them out for yourself. 

Sarah x

20 May 2022

Review Good Bubble Bish Bash Bosh! Hair and Body Wash with Dragon Fruit Extract

Good Bubble is aimed at kids but that doesn't mean it's off limits to grown ups. The range is cruelty free, vegan, made with allergen free fragrance and suitable for newborns and sensitive skin. I recently packed for a trip and took with me 100ml Hair and Body Wash with Dragon Fruit extract.

Good Bubble aim their packaging to children with bright colours and cartoon characters. It's adorable. The bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. The range includes body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, bubble bath, hand gel and coconut oil in a selection of aromas. I view the price point of products to be family friendly.

When it comes down to it Good Bubble Bish Bash Bosh! Hair and Body Wash with Dragon Fruit Extract performs as expected. Using a konjac sponge I can create a lovely lather. The fragrance is delightful and I don't have to worry about the presence of linalool as it's allergen free (aka no essential oils). I haven't experienced any noticeable issues with my skin whilst using this body wash. 

I am happy to suggest trying out Good Bubble on you and your family. Always patch test first but I have comfortably tolerated with daily use. If you are buying for a child then Good Bubble have some cute gift sets which include a bath mitt. Good Bubble can be purchased from several retailers and on this occasion mine were provided by Love Lula.

Sarah x

23 April 2022

Review Kri Skincare Unveil Oil to Milk Cleansing Oil
(I purchased this product)

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will probably know I'm obsessed with oil to milk cleansers. Back at the beginning of March I purchased Kri Skincare Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil and I'm writing this post as I finished up the last few pumps. 

Kri Skincare had been a recommendation and on my shopping list for quite some time. The Unveil Cleansing Oil is fragrance free making it ideal for my sensitive skin and for anyone who doesn't tolerate perfumes or essential oils. I also found Kri Skincare appealing because the formulations are simple and curated without complex and lengthy ingredient lists. 

As far as cleansing oils go this is as expected and the elegant bottle with pump dispenser is easy to use. To give context when cleansing my skin (in the evening) I'm aiming to remove SPF, tinted moisturiser and mineral powder. Unveil Oil to Milk Cleanser is lightweight and as the name suggests it will transform to milk with the addition of water. I'm confident that this cleansing oil is able to remove all the daily grime because my flannel shows the signs of makeup. This cleanser feels gentle which is hugely important to me when dealing with eczema as I'm looking to protect my skin barrier and not strip it of any natural oils.

Sometimes the simplest of skincare is what really floats my boat. I don't require fancy ingredients or marketing promises. All I want is clean skin that looks healthy and doesn't show signs of irritation. I'm confident that my experience with Kri Skincare Unveil Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil delivers on this requirement. I would happily recommend to others. I find the price point fits comfortably within my budget and comparable to other cleansers. If you are interested in this cleansing oil or other products from Kri Skincare then do go check out their website - Mini sized products are available if you don't feel comfortable committing to full sizes.

Sarah x


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