Say Goodbye to Blemishes - Budget Friendly and Free From Skincare for Teenagers

Free From Skincare for Teen Skin
I thought I would blog about Free From products for teenage and younger skins. By this I mean some ingredients which may concern people (e.g parabens) have been removed. This is about affordability and choosing to avoid traditional acne and blemish brands such as Clearasil. My teenage years are long gone, so my skin has different needs. I have carried out some research and there are a lot of choice for teenagers when it comes to skincare formulated with plant based ingredients. Here is a list of brands which I suggest you may want to have a closer look at. The products listed below caught my eye and look very appealing.

Amie Skincare - affordable and available direct from their website or on the high street at Superdrug and Boots.  The range includes eye makeup remover, facial wash, 2 in 1 cleanser & toner, moisturiser, exfoliating polish and a clay mask.

Young & Pure -  affordable with prices similar to Aime.  You can buy direct from website or from MyPure.  This brand carries a larger product range than Amie, it includes Face care, Bath & Body, Haircare and Spot Treatment.

Oy! - a teen product range from Green People. Affordable and available from a number of good websites. 

Good Things - this is another affordable range which I have seen at Boots.  Products include cleanser, day moisturiser, exfoliator, cleansing wipes, eye cream & night cream.  Also there is an anti-blemish line which includes a cleanser, mask, spot gel and moisturiser.

Sarah x