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Natural Skincare for Babies

I hope everyone has had a pleasant day? Today was the first day of my holiday woo hoo! Last year I went to LA but this year I am having a staycation.  I have lots of things planned for the next two weeks and I am hoping to share some of it with you.   In the mean time this is just a quick post which was prompted by the fact that I have several pregnant friends and one of them had her baby today - it was a boy.

I do not have any kids of my own but when I buy gifts for my friend's new arrivals I always chose chemical free products.  My Mum always tells me that as a baby the leading baby brands were awful to my skin.  I had constant rashes and eczema but back then there were no other options for my mum to chose.  I think if an alternative had been there maybe I would not have the problems I still experience as an adult.

Here is a list of brands that I know of or have purchased.  Some of them can be found in Supermarkets and Boots and others are only available online.  If you are someone who likes to use a Baby Oil then you may want to consider a chemical free version, you will probably find it more effective.
If you are looking for an alternative baby gift the other year I discovered Nappy Cakes or Sock Cupcakes.  There are many people making these and selling them on Ebay.

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