Spot the difference - Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick

It has been such a crazy day at work so apologies for the short and sweet review. I recently started using Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick after switching from the Liz Earle equivalent. This pimple stick is a great little product and costs £6.70 for 5ml. The key ingredients are lavender, tea tree and manuka oil. I only suffer from occasional spots once a month but I often get red scars which can take weeks to disappear. I apply the product to a pimple morning and night after cleansing but you can apply as often as you like. This does not dry out your skin instead the ingredients work their magic on the bacteria causing the pimple. I also find it very helpful to reduce the redness caused from pimples. The product size makes it perfect for pockets or handbags. It is also suitable to use on insect bits so would make a great addition to your holiday first aid kit.

Has anyone else heard of or tried Alva products?