Have you tried Konjac Sponges?

Konjac Sponge

If you have not heard about Konjac Sponges they are 100% natural because they are made from plant fibres (Konjac potatoes).  
I had to try one for myself so I purchased the Original version. 
The sponge is dome shaped and easily fits into the palm of your hand.  The sponge has a net structure and is extremely soft and squidgy, perfect for delicate sensitive skin types.  Apparently there is no need to use additional cleansers with the sponge you can simply hydrate it with water and cleanse away dirt.  I prefer to use a cleanser as I was not convinced I was removing all my makeup.  I admit this may just be my mind playing tricks on me but it just feels wrong to only be using water.

Overall, I prefer to use the sponge instead of my usual muslin cloth.  I am really impressed by how my skin feels after using it.  It is a pleasure to use the softness is wonderful making it perfect for eczema suffers. 

According to the website on average it will last for 3 months, can be sterilised in boiling water and can be composted when it is time to dispose of it.  In addition to the Original sponge there are other sponges to chose depending if you wish to address a specific skin type.  There is a choice of red, green and pink French clay or bamboo charcoal or baby.  Prices range from £5.25 to £5.75 from konjacspongecompany.com

Has anyone else tried these sponges?

Sarah x