Guest Post by My Perfume Diaries

Today's post has been written by My Perfume Diaries. Do check out Su's blog she has a wonderful writing style and it is always an enjoyable read. Thanks once again Su for taking time out to write this lovely post :)

When my son, Baby Elephant was about 2 years old, he broke out into hives after just tasting a dessert made of almonds. I freaked out, called the hospital emergency and rushed him there. Thankfully, after all the tests, it was a relief to hear that he does not have any allergies that should concern us. But I can never forget what went through my mind at that time. The idea of him having an allergy was so scary and something that would change our lives forever, even for a little fighter like my son.

I can only imagine how people who have allergies lead their everyday lives. I am always in awe of the lovely Sarah who deals with her allergies in the most beautiful way, while letting the world know about what can be done to make the most of life. I am sure many people will draw inspiration from her.

My guest post today will be all about nasty-free makeup. Though I blog about perfumes, I am a makeup junkie. I have come across various brands that use the best of ingredients, avoiding allergens and unnecessary chemicals, are still as good or even better than the drugstore/department store brands and don't cost a fortune. I want to share some of my favourite Indie, Mineral Makeup companies that I have had the pleasure to try and love.

Everyday Minerals
A great mineral makeup brand, which has a great range of foundation shades with different finishes and coverage. The fabulous eyeshadow come in gorgeous colours, packed with pigment and come in three finishes. There are samplers available for purchase to find the perfect foundation match to your skin tone. They are good value for generous samples and come in pots. They have synthetic brushes (vegan, no animal hair) which are great. The mini kabuki is a mush have!

The makeup is vegan, not tested on animals and free from petroleum products, preservatives, fragrance, talc, bismuth and all the binders that can irritate the skin. According to the website, the skin care is organic, which I am yet to try.

Lucy Minerals
They have amazing foundations with great coverage. It is really long lasting, natural looking and light as air! The eyeshadows are well pigmented and have the most beautiful, fine shimmer. They have trail sizes and sampler packs to try and find a match too. Customer service is great. Shipping is super quick and cheap. They have some great deals every week which are worth checking out. The products have no parabens, micronized minerals, or petroleum products, free from bismuth, talc, fragrance, preservatives and not tested on animals. They are infused with some really great extracts that are good for the skin.

Sassy Minerals 
A natural mineral makeup company. I was gifted the blushes and eyeshadows by a friend and I love them! The blushes especially give the much needed glow to my skin. The ingredients are listed after each product. By what I see, they have no preservatives or fillers, not sure about the vegan status though.

Not technically mineral makeup, but vegan and use great ingredients. The eyeshadows are gorgeous! The shade range is ming blowing and just pure magic! They have a very famous primer for eyeshadow called Pixie Epoxy* (check for the ingredients), which is a great product that holds all the shimmer and makes the eyeshadow last longer. The only downside is that the website is frequently down, has been happening since last two years!

Pure Luxe
Is one of my favourite mineral eyeshadow makers! The eyeshadows are beautiful beyond description! They range from wearable to whimsical: Speciality colours like glow in the dark, duo/triochrome, unique Aura collection. The EyezCreme is a beautiful creamy eyeshadow that can be used alone or topped with powder shadow to make it last longer. The samples come in pots and are just $1 each! The ingredients are minerals with no fillers, no bismuth, no talc, no preservatives.

Ritual Eyes
Michelle is a magician! Her passion for makeup is evident in her amazing mineral makeup. She used quality pigments and materials. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and go on and stay on very beautifully. The foundation feels like silk on the skin! I have a great personal experience with the foundation and getting ready to buy a full size.

These are some of the brands I have tried and loved. Some companies like Aromaleigh and The She Space are long gone, but my love for them is still here! This list is in no way a comprehensive one because there are numerous companies out there which specialise in mineral, chemical free makeup. The world of Indie cosmetics and mineral makeup is fascinating! If you have a question about any specific ingredient and worried how you'd react to it, always ask the companies before you order. Usually they are very helpful. 

I hope anyone with allergies like Sarah (Sugarpuffish) will find my post useful to feel more beautiful!