Tips for Patch Testing Cosmetics at Home

(disclaimer: this is not medical advice, please speak to your Doctor if you have any ongoing concerns regarding allergies & sensitive skin)

I am the Queen of Allergies and I often mention in my posts the importance of patch testing a new product.  Even if you have chosen a natural product there is still a possibility of an allergic reaction.  I thought it may be helpful to provide a guide to patch testing at home.

The best place to test a product is on your inner forearm or wrist. Firstly, make sure the area of skin you are testing is clean and dry. 

Put a small amount of the product onto a band-aid and affix it to your skin. Use hypo-allergenic band-aids as some people (including me) are allergic to the adhesive.  

Leave the band-aid in place for 24 hours and avoid getting the band-aid wet during this time. 

When 24 hours has past remove the band-aid and check for signs of a reaction e.g. redness, itching, blisters, rash. 

If you patch test several products and get reactions it may be an idea to compare ingredients, you may find a pattern which could help you to figure out what you are sensitive to.


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