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Dragonfly Free From Foods
This weekend I was shopping in Holland & Barrett and picked up my favourite Dragonfly Soysage which are Organic, Vegan and Gluten free. Dragonfly as a company have been around for some time now and the range is made using tofu. The range includes burgers, tofu, tatties and tofu pots. 

"All products are made by hand using traditional techniques with care and attention by our talented team in the Devonshire factory, ensuring that only the best goes into our products from start to finish." (quote from website)

Dragonfly has been around since 1984 and were a staple for me as egg free meat free sausages used to be difficult to find. I'm not always looking to replicate the taste of meat and so these soysages are a nice alternative taste. I think they are a lovely alongside baked beans and chips or in a breakfast fry up. Tofu gets a bad reputation for being bland but trust me if you learn how to cook with it properly you'll change your mind. If you visit Dragonfly's website then the recipe section will inspire you with meal ideas.

I think sometimes negotiated living with allergies or choosing Veganism can see daunting. I hope that my sharing my favourite foods it will ease any stress and you can go out and find these products to try.

Sarah x 


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