New to me: Botanicals Skincare Nourish Cleanse Melt and Foot Rescue Balm

Botanicals natural and organic skincare try me duo
I thought I would share with you some natural beauty products that I have discovered on Twitter. When you have allergies being able to purchase samples is an important step to finding suitable products. It enables you to patch test without investing in a full size which might turn out to be unsuitable.

Botanicals is an award winning organic and vegan body and skin care company. They offer customers a free 'try me duo' of the awarding Nourish Rose & Camellia cleansing melt and Mint & Tea Tree foot balm. The pack also includes a 20% off the full size. Alternatively you can purchase skincare mini sets.

The Nourish Cleanse melt is suitable for dry and mature skin. It's a gentle way to cleanse your skin and is formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, sesame seed, green tea, rose geranium, rose and palmarosa. The way to use this balm is to melt between finger tips and massage into your face, you can then remove with a damp cloth.

The Foot Rescue Balm helps soften dry skin and is naturally antibacterial. It is formulated with jojoba, apricot kernel, shea butter, spearmint, tea tree and mint. As you would expect this is a balm you massage into your feet and let it work its magic.

I have found both products are effective and enjoyable to use. I think the cleansing melt is the one I would go one to purchase in a full size. I'm recommending check out the website and picking up some products for yourself.

Sarah x