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Sunday Catch Up - Vegan Cookies & Abahna

Sugarpuffish Vegan Cookies

Most of you will be familiar with the idea that my weekend blog posts are rather random, so I will just jump straight in.

Last weekend I made Banana Everything Cookies from my Vegan Cookie book. If anyone wants the recipe then let me know.  I did tweak it I added more cinnamon and substituted walnuts for pecans (I dislike walnuts).  I had to use dairy free buttons as I'm not aware of being able to get hold of dairy free chocolate chips.  Also is Canola oil available in UK? I can not find it in Tesco so have been using Vegetable oil instead.

This week I received some products I had ordered online.  I bought a 30ml jar of Mu London White Chocolate Truffle moisturiser (link).  I keep falling in and out of love with the fragrance, it smells delicious in the jar but I think it changes when applied to my skin.  The moisturiser is solid, concentrated and made from my beloved shea butter.  I bought it to use on my face but I have my doubts at this stage.  I think it may be better on my body which is annoying because I have too many body shea butters at the moment, you should not hear me moan about dry skin for some time to come.

Abahna Soap

I recently discovered Abahna and ordered a mini soap.  I couldn't decide which fragrance I might like so did not want to splash out on their regular sizes. l figured £4 for a 50g solid soap was a reasonable risk to take. I opted for Grapefruit & May Chang.  It smells amazing and very unique.  The great part is they added samples to my order so now I get to try the other fragrances - Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot, Lilac Rose & Geranium, Frangipani & Orange Blossom.

I also managed to pick up a bargain in my local Tesco.  They still had some Christmas gift sets on sale and I found my favourite Naked Shower Gel.  This set cost me £3.

I wanted to link blog posts that I have really enjoyed reading this week. Firstly, there is Carrie over at Beauty: Not Just Skin Deep.  She wrote about DIY cleanser using Oats (link).  Next is Mary at Pure Makeup for her DIY toner post.  Followed by Sarah at BEskincareful for her post raving about the beauty benefits of Coconut Oil.  The next one isn't blogger related but I found an informative list on a Company website.  The Organic Pharmacy has a guide to Carcinogens in Skin care, I think it is very helpful for people who are are unsure of ingredients in products.

Some of you may have noticed I have added another page to my blog.  I decided to create a list of Companies that make natural skincare. Majority of these are UK Companies.  If you see anyone missing then let me know.

Lastly, I want to give my view point on a sensitive topic.  I see a lot of bloggers complain about not trusting those who review large amounts of PR freebies. Recently my blog has attracted a lot of attention and I have been offered products to review (as you will have noticed).  It is very flattering when a Company approaches you.  I would like to maintain a balance on my blog between items I have purchased and PR samples.  I have turned down Companies for the following reasons - 
  • do not fit my ethos of 100% natural.  
  • I would not be able to afford with my own money.  
  • I refuse to regurgitate press releases. I always research Companies for myself and write my own words. 
  • I will not allow a Company to Guest Post on my blog.  
  • I never guarantee a review on my blog
I have never been asked to give a positive review nor have I been paid for my reviews.  If someone did ask me for a positive review then I would never agree to it.  If I do not like a product I have either not written about it or I try to give constructive criticism and focus on why it does not work for me. From a personal perspective, I am being approach by companies I may not have discovered for myself so I like the idea of sharing them with others.  I have said this before but when you are dealing with natural products, from my own experience, it is very rare that I find a product I dislike.  Many of these Companies are small cottage industries with an owner who suffers from skin conditions similar to my own.  Their products are tailored to my needs and since they do not contain mainstream chemicals they are going to perform well. 

At the end of the day, all I want to do is try and help people with eczema or sensitive skin because I have struggled for many years.  The flip side is I want to educate others as to why natural is better than high street.  I appreciate every one of my followers here on my blog and on Twitter.  If you are not happy with something then please ask me about it, you can email me if you do not want to leave a public comment.  

If any of you are sceptical about my eczema then here is a picture.  Now I would like to have taken a picture that proves this is my body but that would involve me being naked (yikes!).  Currently, I have eczema across my boobs and down my tummy. My camera isn't the greatest but I hope this can help you gage an idea of what I deal with on a daily basis.

Hopefully I didn't end this post on a grumpy note? I wish everyone a fantastic weekend.  Let me know what you have been doing or any new purchases you have made.