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Sunday Catch Up (9) - Beauty Swap & Easter Eggs

I recently took part in a beauty swap with Mary from Pure Makeup.  I received my parcel last weekend and it contain some lovely goodies.

Here is a list of what Mary sent to me - Indigo Wild Zum Bag, Livpurely Organics Coconut Oil Moisturiser with Vanilla, Priia Under Eye concealer Light/Medium, Auromere Ayurvedic toothpaste, St Dalfour Tea. Look out for reviews once I work my way through everything.

Easter is fast approaching, thankfully I can now enjoy a dairy free Easter egg. As a child I was pretty miserable at Easter time, not always that impressed by my gift whilst I watch my sister gorge on eggs (sorry Mum!).  This year I have picked up (from Sainsburys) a Choices Caramel flavoured Easter egg.  It is Dairy, Wheat, Gluten & Egg free, suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.  

We all know I am not a fashion blogger.  I rarely follow trends, I have curves, I am not a skinny minnie and I like comfort.  I thought I would share with you a couple of tops I purchased last weekend.  The one on the left is from Marks & Spencer (£12.50) and the one on right is from Matalan (£8).

Alpro have some new products on the shelves one of which is their Fruity & Creamy yoghurt (Cherry or Peach flavour).  Whilst these are nice and tasty, unless I am missing the point, I am not seeing much difference between these and their other yoghurt.  Yes the texture is a little thicker but as for fruitier, um I'm not getting that.  You only get two pots in a pack for £1.19 whereas the four pack is £1.75 (I picked these up at Tesco).

I think this sums up my week.  I am currently testing out a number of new products I have purchased and been sent, so stick with me and look out for reviews.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I look forward to your comments.